Ropin' the Moon Kindle Edition by Deborah Camp

Book Excerpt:

"He had tumbleweed in his blood, moving from one town to the next. Traveling to where there was trouble, he was hired to tame wild places with a fast draw and an iron will.

Lacy knew that Dalton wouldn’t be around long and she shouldn’t be tempted by him. But like the moon, his pull on her was a natural, powerful force that she was helpless to resist."

Title:  Ropin' the Moon Author:  Deborah Camp Publisher:  D.C.                              
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean Rating:  Four Review:
"Ropin' the Moon" by Deborah Camp
My Rationalization:

This was quite a western historical fiction romance story that featured Dalton Moon and Lacey Tyrell.  We find Dalton had come to this town as town Marshall to get it back on the right track after it had been run over by some ruthless that bullied people mainly the Pullman's and his crew. The previous deputy sheriff [Lacy's uncle] had failed at this job so now Dalton was now there to clean up the town fro…

The New Pastor (Bethel Community Book 1) Kindle Edition by Sherman Cox

Book Excerpt:

"Perennial student Elliot James has racked up many degrees and is contemplating another to continue postponing life.

When his roommate forced Elliot to find a job, he applied for the secretarial position at Bethel Community Church. But, in a case of mistaken identity, the ranking church officer thought Elliot was the perfect candidate for the open pastoral position.

He must become a pastor in a hurry because the church is falling apart. The church needed a jolt and Elliot needed a job.

Find out what happens when a novice minister finds himself in the driver’s seat of a church? Will the church find their perfect pastor, or will they send him packing?"

Title:  The New Pastor Author:  Sherman Cox Publisher:  Red Candle Publishing        Series:  Bethel Community Book 1 Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean Rating:  Four Review:
"The New Pastor" by Sherman Cox
My Rationalization:

Now, this was one of those Christian fiction reads that will have you shaking your head.  It was ha…

I Call Your Name: Living Praise Book 1 Kindle Edition by Sherman Cox

Book Excerpt:

"A Washed up Gospel Singer.

A Group Seeking a Renewal.

A Final chance For a comeback.

The gospel singing group Living Praise has had a relatively successful career. They have sung a few gospel songs that have become standards. They had a song even hit the pop charts ten years ago. Today though, they are in a lull and are looking for the key to reviving their career.


Minister Tommy Settles, one of the anchors of the group, is falling apart. He can no longer reach the notes on even their signature song that he used to hit and his voice cracks every time he sings. And on top of it all, he is becoming harder to work with.

Can Tommy and Living Praise get back to their glory days? Will they work through the issues that have stood in their way? Can God work a revival in and through this group?

Are you looking for an African American urban Christian fiction novella that struggles with living as a Christian in the real world, then follow us as we watch the growing pains of Li…

Deep River (Broken Saints Book 1) Kindle Edition by Sherman Cox

Book Excerpt:

"Pastor Carter Harold II is ready to enter the later years of his life with a pastorate of a great church.

However," his secretary and Head Deacon are attempting to overthrow his pastorate.

But Carter has a great decision to make. Will he give in to the scheme or stand firm with what he thinks is right?

Find out what happens when those who plot against the pastor find out that things don't always go the way you plan."

Title:  Deep River Author:  Sherman Cox Publisher:  Red Candle Publishing                      Series:  Broken Saints Book 1 Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean Rating:  Four Review:
"Deep River" by Sherman Cox
My Rationalization:

Wow is all that is left to say about this church story. It is really hard to believe all the problems that happened with pastors, church trustees, and or deacon boards.  When I thought of the way this story was going I could believe that this was very realistic in today's world. When one thinks about it isn't 't…

Under Lying Kindle Edition by Janelle Harris Nov 1

Book Synopsis:

"In this gripping novel of suspense, the disappearance of a couple’s baby daughter leaves everyone a suspect.
Susan has everything she ever wanted. A loving husband, an angelic daughter and the cottage of her dreams in County Cork. Her picture-perfect life seems too good to be true. And it is. At a housewarming party with their new neighbors, her daughter Amelia goes missing. As friends become suspects, Susan’s life spirals out of control. And when Amelia’s yellow cardigan is dredged from the lake, every parent’s worst nightmare suddenly seems horribly real. In the aftermath of Amelia’s disappearance, Susan and her husband Paul are not themselves. Someone is hiding something. What if Susan and Paul’s entire relationship was built on lies stretching back years? Some secrets may be best left buried in the past, but uncovering the truth could be the only way to find Amelia – before it’s too late."
Title:  Under Lying  Author:  Janelle Harris Publisher:  Lake Uni…

The Newbie (Temptations and Troubles in Downers Grove Book 1) Kindle Edition by J. Haney & , S.I. Hayes Ha

Book Synopsis:

"Homecoming is gonna get complicated…

It’s not easy being a single mom, and for Jennifer, (Jo) Delgado it’s sometimes a doozy. The new school year is already off to a rocky start. Her fifteen-year-old is having sex, with the new girl down the street, who’s a dad is the new English teacher. What’s worse is every woman in Downer’s Grove is salivating over him. Sure he’s hot like makes your thighs go squish kind of hot, and he looks good in shorts and all wet… but who’s got time for that? Certainly not Jo… Right?

New town, a new set of problems for English Teacher, Nico Grant. His daughter Kyra is bedding the locals, and already the vultures are circling. But there is a couple of moms that seem sorta normal. Maybe he can make a friend? You know someone to talk to besides the kid? She’s great but adult time would be nice too.
What happens when the kids take over and the parents lose control? It’s time to hold on tight and go along for the ride. That’s life with a teen w…

Tangled Up In Christmas by Lisa Renee Jones

Book Synopsis:

"I might be a country girl from the same small town of Sweetwater, Texas, as horse wrangler Roarke Frost, the girl next door who knows him like few know him, but I didn't know enough to save my heart.
He's the reason why I left Sweetwater behind. But now fate proves she loves a wicked twist and sends me back to Sweetwater to pull together a Christmas festival—and I run smack into the man again, quite literally. His body is pressed to mine, his hands on my arms, and I'm melting like chocolate in the sizzling Texas sunshine. And I run. I know it’s not exactly respectable, but it works, just not for long. No matter how much I try to get tangled up in Christmas, I end up tangled up in Roarke instead—and the man has me feeling the heat of our attraction and the warmth of our past friendship. He feels like Mr. Right, but history says he’s Mr. Wrong. But if he wants a second chance, Roarke Frost is going to have to work for it. He’ll need to prove to me that …