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One Day You Will (An Attorney Graybourne series) Kindle Edition by Kristofer Clarke

Book Description....

"Syreeta Mercer, a successful Lawyer from Atlanta, lived her life as daddy’s little girl, and she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. She’s known only one man as her father, but two weeks after laying him to rest, she is startled by the news that this might not be her truth and everyone else’s lie. Against her mother’s wishes and warnings, Syreeta embarks on her own search that may result in more harm than good, revealing a reality from which she has been protected. Is she better off leaving well enough alone? 

Jelani Graybourne was the man of many women's dreams. He’s lived a successful, mistake-free life, until he met the one mistake that was Samantha Wells. She’s made promises she always kept. Now, she’s back, and unlike her first time around, loving Jelani might not be the first thing on her mind. If she has her way, her plan could topple the foundation on which the Graybourne brand is built. Jelani was able to avoid her ruin once, but could he ave…

Torn Kindle Edition by T.N King

Book Description.....

"Screw the consequences...she belongs to me.

I’m a monster… it’s in my blood.
Living with the Carters proved that.
Adopted by the perfect family and I’m still an animal.
I can’t help it. I crave their daughter with a carnal lust.
She’s my secret obsession and the one girl I can never have.
She deserves a safe distance from me and my fantasies.
I’m trouble. Period. And my temper is near catastrophic.
But I know one thing for sure.
I’m a d*mn better guy than that jack*ss Nicole is dating.
My thirst for her is stronger than ever.
And the more I watch that b@stard abuse my adopted sister.
the more my instincts scream, f**k the consequences.
I don’t know how much longer I can hold back… 

I craved his attention from the minute Mom brought him home.
He’s my adopted brother; my best friend.
But for me, that was never enough.
I always needed more, much more.
Now we’re adults, and I wish I could say things have changed.
I still want him... only I'm dati…

Persuasion (Sisters-in-Love Book 3) Kindle Edition by J.L. Campbell

Book Description...

"School. Music. Blogging. These are Yolanda Charles' priorities. She likes life simple and is content to hang around her step-sisters. That's until she admits she's attracted to Gary Cheung-See, a web developer who exemplifies the strong, silent, and surly type.

Each time a bug hits her website and social media accounts, Gary helps with solving her issues. Despite his good looks and brilliance, Yolanda is undecided about her feelings for him and suspects he might be the culprit trying to ruin her life and reputation—no matter what her heart says.

Gary is from a dysfunctional family and refuses Yolanda's help with bridging the gap between himself and his father. When a life-threatening illness hits the person he cares about most, he is forced to reassess his stance on forgiveness, while Yolanda has to decide whether Gary is friend or foe and if she can trust him with her heart."

Title:  Persuasion Author:  J. L. Campbell Publisher:…

Fixation By J. L. Campbell

Book Description....

"A musician. A student. A tutor. Can love overcome obsession & bad choices?

Josh is everything Kelleigh wants—a talented, performing artist and bad boy who appeals to the guitarist in her. On the other side, there's her math tutor, Joshua, who has the hots for her. Despite being a brilliant university student and businessman, Joshua is too tame and ordinary for Kelleigh to give him a second look.

Kelleigh's world shifts when she sends nerd-boy a racy picture meant for Josh. Her tutor grabs the opportunity to blackmail her into two dates. In exchange, he promises not to share the photo she sent him in error.

Backed into a corner, Kelleigh goes out with Joshua intending to set him straight. But things don't go exactly as she plans and to complicate matters, Josh has secrets of his own that make Kelleigh second guess their relationship.

Will Joshua change her mind about the kind of guy she needs or will Kelleigh continue to feed her fixation with…

Come, By: Becca Jameson

Book Description...

"Katy Marks has worked hard for years to make partner at her law firm and be accepted in a man's world. She hasn't had much time for play. Now she has a stalker, one of the firm's partners who hopes to entice her to gain promotion by sleeping with him. Backed into a corner, she grabs an unexpected opportunity. She wards off his unwanted advances by plastering herself against the sexy man leaning casually against the wall outside her uncle's gym.

Rafe Wesson is stunned by one look at the sexy woman so totally out of place in the gym and finds himself flattened by his best friend and sparring partner. Scrambling to ensure he gets a chance to speak with her, he instead finds himself KO'd by a kiss that rocks his world and hardens him in all the right places.
Katy isn't Rafe's type. She's far too innocent. Besides, she's the gym owner's niece. But two dates don't dampen his desire or release her from his thoughts. Rafe…

I'll Never Tell (Addison Parker Mystery Series Book 3) Kindle Edition by Deidra D. S. Green

Book Description...

"Three years ago, a body of a young woman was found at the bottom of an abandoned well. Ever since the body was discovered, and murder was determined to be the cause of death, the Atlanta Police Department struggled to identify a killer. It didn’t take long before the case of Shay Johnson grew ice cold.
With the recent success of Dr. Addison Parker’s last case with the cold case division of the Atlanta Police Department, it was natural for the detectives to turn to her again for assistance. Dr. Parker proved herself before, the cold case squad was hopeful she could do it again.

But there were those rooting against Dr. Parker; those who wanted the death of Shay Johnson to remain a mystery. They had kept quiet about her death all this time and they had no desire to reveal their secrets now. Would the secrets that kept Shay Johnson’s death unsolved remain, or would Dr. Parker be able to once again, crack the cold case? Find out in I’ll Never Tell, Book 3."

Undone By Lust (Undone Series) Kindle Edition by Falon Gold

Book Review:

"Foreign Torres was a beautiful disaster, emotionally-damaged with her problems manifesting in other areas of her life unknowingly. However, she wasn’t down for the count. Life would produce rewards for her if she had to shake them out of it after leaving behind the influential royal family that traded loving her for displaying her like prime real estate to eligible bachelors. She just never counted on those rewards originating from one night with Christian Bradley, or a sextape showing up then getting stolen.

Christian Bradley, poor boy turned software magnate, wasn’t looking for love at a good friend’s wake or anywhere else. That didn’t mean love wouldn’t find him in the form of feisty Foreign determined to fight everything she thought bad for her, including what was ripe for the taking right in front of her face. Good thing Christian’s home security system recorded their one night together in his home. It captured him falling in love, her opening her ice-cold hear…

Hank (Men of Roberts Junction Series Book 1) Kindle Edition by Kadance Royal

Book Description...

"Hank was abandoned as a child by his mother. Fortunately, he lands in a loving caring environment although he does not share their ethnicity. He has promised his new mother that he will find love one day. Three years later, Hank finds himself settling for lust with April while his heart still longs for Jasmine. Jasmine Reed is a college professor who has made a wrong decision that almost devastated her life. When a job and opportunity align, will Hank and Jasmine finally find the love they want or will April bring an end forever."

Title:  Hank
Publisher:  Royal Media and Publishing
Series:  Men of Roberts Junction Book 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Hank" by Kadance Royal

This was a good read of how one finds love for the second time around.  Hank Simpson had loved Jasmine Reed but it seems like that wasn't enough because this love wasn't 'open for the world to see.' In other words this love was kept on …

Cowboy Kisses Kindle Edition by Cindi Myers (Author),‎ RaeAnne Hadley (Author),‎ Diane J. Reed (Author),‎ Autumn Piper (Author),‎ Ann Anders (Author),‎ D'Ann Lindun (Author)

Book Description....

"Cowboy Kisses
Six Romantic Tales of Colorado Cowboys

Cowboy Homecoming by Cindi Myers
After years in the city Kate Randolph has come home to take care of her ailing father, only to find local cowboy Jace Carpenter in charge of her father’s ranch. Jace isn’t sure what to make of Kate, but he’s dealing with big changes in his own life since his family ranch was sold. Can a prodigal daughter and a restless cowboy turn the bad hand life has dealt them into a winning combination?

Loving You From Afar by RaeAnne Hadley
Ariana thought her life was over when she lost her husband. But through a strange twist of events that brought a stranger into her and her children’s lives, she was starting to believe that maybe it was just the beginning.

My Forever Cowboy by Diane J. Reed
Just when you least expect it, love finds you forever.
Photographer Avery Smart refuses to believe in “forever cowboys” after her father died in a tragic rodeo accident, until professional bull rider …

Flawless 5: The Finale Kindle Edition by Jade Jone

Book Description....

"Join Romeo, Shayla, Kim and Desmond on their final, wild, action-packed ride! Secrets are bubbling over and drama is at an all-time high. Find out what happens after one of the gang’s biggest rivals seemingly defies death! And if that predicament isn’t enough, things really heat up after Kimberly discovers the real reason her baby daddy married another woman. Romeo and Shayla also have their own issues to deal with, starting with Quay who’s come back from the grave. If you enjoyed the other books in this riveting installment, you’ll absolutely love the finale!"

Title:  Flawless 5
Author:  Jade Jones
Publisher:  Jade Publications
Series:  # 5
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five  

"Flawless 5:  The Finale" by Jade Jones

My Thoughts....

Wow I am so glad we finally get a grand finale of Romeo and Shayla with it all coming out for these two.  
In the end I found that all of the characters in 'Flawless 1-5' really got the karma that was tru…

Daisy Jones Kindle Edition by Mack Mama

Book Description...

"Daisy Jones is a gorgeous temptress with alluring green eyes who is young enough to send men to prison for sexual relations with a minor. She is also the epitome of a gold digger raised to go after rich men by a bitter mother who is mad at her fate in life. Therefore; Mama Jones instilled in her daughter the art of manipulation and how to scheme on her prey. Daisy had no idea that her heart would get in the way of business until she met her match in Young Chio the southern rapper and c.e.o of a multi-million dollar empire. 
The story begins in Atlanta Georgia and travels up north to New York City, as drama unfolds involving a wide range of colorful characters namely the notorious crew the O.B.G’s. These women are a gumbo of hustlers, killers, and drug dealers who have earned a reputation in the streets for being beyond terrorist. Havoc ensues as the plot twists and turns. Deception, treachery and griminess threaten to swallow all the players connected t…

Rogue Divorce Lawyer Kindle Edition by Dale E. Manolakas

Book Description....

"Based on a real case, for decades divorce lawyer Gary Stockton sexually harasses, subjugates, and abuses his "special" female clients. To him, they are the perks of his practice. After his legal bills drain their money, the quid pro quo for his continued work becomes their bodies. Over the years, Stockton's criminal depravity finally escalates to murder—his new craving. A pillar of the community, this rogue divorce lawyer goes unimpeded until a new client Eliana Thurston walks into his office—his lair."

Title:  Rogue Divorce Lawyer
Author:  Dale E. Manolakas
Publisher:  Dale E. Manolakas     
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Rogue Divorce Lawyer" by Dale E. Manolakas

My Thoughts....

What a read about a divorce lawyer who takes his job to some 'unthinkable heights.' We find that is story was actually based on a true real case...YES, this actually happened!

I found this read not only a mystery thriller but also a psyc…