Good Old Soul (Love & Passion Series Book 3) Kindle Edition by Aja

Book Description....

"If I were to tell you I wrote a story about a May/December love affair between music and a saxophone named Her, would you believe me? I didn’t think you would but it’s true. Music has been here since the dawn of time. It’s been the melody of life, unfettered, free, and always waiting for us to-dare I say-tame it and guide it with our voices and with our instruments. The musician may have picked up the sax and breathed air into Her, but it was from the music, the jazz that was created, that love was found and where it grew. 

Amina Perrin isn’t looking for love. In fact, she isn’t looking for anything. She’s got her yoga, her massage therapy and the community she serves, keeping her plenty busy. That is until she bumps into a stranger who may change her free-spirited mind.

Gabriel Slade is living the good life. Financially secure, nice condo overlooking the city, and the occasional “drink” with a beautiful woman—he has no intention on getting caught up, especially not with one so much younger than him, but here he is… getting all caught up and picking up a long forgotten saxophone he calls Her.

If you’re opposed to sweltering love scenes between two passionate adults, this book isn’t for you."

Title:  Good Old Soul
Author:  Aja
Publisher:  She Loves Words Publishing                   
Series:  Love & Passion Series Book 3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Good Old Soul" by Aja

My Thoughts....

What a wonderful good read that this author gives the readers.  I will say this story was about Amina and Gabriel's  romance where it seems like age comes into play. I found this story to be well written that one can easily find it a very realistic and more so very relatable read.  What will happen when Amina bumps into Gabriel
during their first meeting?  I enjoyed how this author brings in both sides of the family members that gives the story such a realness of how life really can be for any two people when opposites attract.  The secondary characters were really a interesting bunch being well developed and well portrayed helping to move the story along with great interest also I don't want to forget to bring in the mix of musical selections and especially that 
humorous scene after a yoga visit.  Now, I will stop there and say you will have to pick up 'Good Old Soul' to read and find out all there is to know about this good read. Be ready for a sweet read with 'romance, love and plenty of hot sex.'   By the end will these two Amina and Gabriel get their HEA?  Pick this read up to read for yourself how well this author delivers it to the reader.  


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