Cuffed By A New York Gangsta Kindle Edition by Racquel Williams

Book Description....

"Mia Jones is no stranger to the struggle. Born and raised in Pecan Acres, a rundown housing project in the 5th Ward area of Petersburg, VA., she was forced to grow up fast. Using her voluptuous body and her beast mentality, she was able to snatch a few of the area’s hottest dope boys while trying to survive. Young Mia gets so caught up in the fast life, she becomes oblivious to the fact that the streets are a dangerous and no place for a young woman. 
Things seems to take a drastic turn when she fell for Blacc, a New York gangsta. With his fine self and long pockets, it didn’t take long for Mia to fall in love with him, securing her spot in his life. She’s unaware that he has secrets of his own, that he’s not prepared to share. Mia will get the shock of her life when all the players are disclosed, and her heart isn’t prepared to deal with all the drama unfolding.
Tyan Coley is in every sense, a savage with deadly intentions and is not up to sharing her man. She quickly puts her devious plan into motion, to get rid of anything or anyone that stands in the way of her securing the bag.
Secrets will be revealed. Hearts will be broken and blood will shed as these two women fight to secure the bag and win the heart of this New York gangsta."

Title:  Cuffed By A New York Gangsta
Author:  Racquel Williams
Publisher: Shan Presents, LLC               
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Cuffed By A New York Gangsta"  by Racquel Williams

My Thoughts.....

Now this is one of those reads that will keep your attention as you are quickly turning the pages to see what will happen next in this gangsta story.  I am not sure just who I felt sorry for as you will see  Mia Jones being taken in so many ways by people she thought cared for her. I found the characters in the story from Mia, Blacc, Syiana, Cee, Tyan, Don B to name a few were all very intriguing people that added so much to this urban fiction read.  I did find from this story that it seems like a lots of the characters were two faced and that is all I will say about that other than saying this is some story where 'drama, secrets are revealed...hearts will be broken, jealousy and blood will also be shed."  How will each of these characters come out shaded gloom by the end of this story?  This is where I say you will have to pick up "Cuffed By A New York Gangsta" to see and will be prepared to be left in suspense as you are wondering what has just happened.   



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