A Good Servant's Wife

Author: Doug Lucas
Published By: Pipe Dreams Publishing
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"The Servant's Wife" by Doug Lucas was definitely a excellent fiction read that explained lots of information given from this author's first book: "The Good Servant." This side of the story was from Eli Connors's wife....Sue Connors. After his death, Sue found Eli's notes and wanted to set the record straight by adding or retelling it the way she saw it. Would I recommend you read "The Good Servant" first? YES! Because "The Good Servant's Wife" will make a lot more sense to you...if you do. One thing for certain is she loved her husband and he loved her too. One of the statements Sue loved was a note Eli left which said "If all you can ever remember or know about me is that I did so love each of you...(referring to Sue and the Kids) it will be enough."

This was truly a story explaining the what, where, how, when and why of a lifetime of marriage. I would recommend that you pick up this excellent novel to see Sue's interpretation of it all...Yes, she was 6 months 22 days and 5 hours older than Eli. So yes he married a older lady and I believed she really felt that Eli was her life's mate only sharing the lives...the good and the bad side by side. In the novel Sue will touch on many subjects: "Blunt Force Trauma"...where she met not only Eli but his Mom and Gammy at her Memaw's assistance...Two dances/two dresses...Dating....Asked to marry...Eli's and Jerry abruptly joining the Marines...mail letters....wounded....dreams...Near death....Married the Right Time....Money and Time a Problem but thank God for Memaw...Two wedding are the solution to this problem...Elis' time at Parris Island...(the ministry call? )...Death in the family...Eli's Potty Mouth problems....A Lay Leader...Sue becoming a criminal law attorney...first major case was a drug case that landed her in the hospital....Eli gets his masters degree in 'Divinity...I'm going to be a Daddy ...Guess who is returning to their home town?....and just guess who will become the pastor of the church.

Now with all of this being said...I hope you pick up this wonderful read only this author can give his reader to really find out the rest of the story only this wife would know and understand. Certainly being married for 43 years helps. I am led to believe that in some big way this has helped the daughter and son...Barb and Ray. Indeed there will be a message for each of them. I found all of the characters phenomenal in that they all were very captivating and so well developed making this read something to think of...before and even after death.

I think in the end....Eli and Sue loved and did get to that understanding that "communication or/and compromise" were necessary ingredients for a truly happy marriage or in a good relationship that they shared for many years...and what drew Sue to Eli 'was his sense of fairness, justice and the fact he was one good looking man. One thing... I was sorry Eli wasn't able to tell each one in person but maybe that was for the best... putting it in notes....that became a book for all to read.

Would I recommend...? YES! Good job Mr. Lucas.

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  1. This novel was really something...a very different kind of book for me that really would cause you to think about long after the read.


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