A Path Toward Love

Author:  Cara Lynn James
Published By:  Thomas Nelson
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For:  GMTA
Rating: 4


"A Path Toward Love" by Cara Lynn James was indeed a sweet christian historical romantic fiction definitely one of a 'fairy tale' kind of read.  This poor lady Katherine Osborne had inherited 'the Osborne Citrus Groves' in Florida from her husband Charles of two years...only to find out that her business was near bankruptcy. You will find that Katherine had made a bad decision in her past and was now praying about it. After a visit from her father she does decide to go back to her rich family  and he offers her a loan only if she meets his conditions to spend the summer at the a family's camp in New York. Katherine knew that her mother will try to manipulate her and she did  just that with the son of a childhood friend(Randy). Will Katherine allow this to happen? We find out through the read that Katherine did not have a story book marriage...but one of infidelity and now that she needed  funds to keep her 'Citrius Groves' dream alive.  What was she to do?  This is when she turns to a old friend, Andrew Townsend for support.  Now, this is the time I say you must pick up "A Path Toward Love" to see how this author will bring out this wonderful story to us.  I did often tire of Katherine for how she let her mother make all her decisions going  back and forth and even the father at times but thank God for Aunt Letty who was just what Katherine needed in her life at that time. Will Katherine be able to stand her ground and pick up her life and find the peace she needs with her domineering and manipulative parents?   Yes, Katherine wants to be a business woman...what was wrong   with that?  We will just let her mother and father answer that one for you from the read.  Even though I found this novel somewhat predictable  I wasn't able to put it down...especially with characters like Katherine, Andrew, Randy, Harriett Roles, Isabelle, Stuart Osborne, Aunt Letty and a few other that keep this story rocking.

 "A Path Toward Love very  enjoyable and I liked  how this author was able to work the 'Christian Faith' into this well written read and would I recommend this read...YES!   


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