Twenty Weeks

Author: Melisa Hamling
Published By: Rachelle Ayala Publishing, LLC.
Age Recommended: Teen 14+ YA +Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Evan Christopher
Rating: 5


"Twenty Weeks" by Melisa Hamling was a novel that I could see it be of a great benefit read for the 'Teen 14+ and YA over pregnancy. This author did a
wonderful job with describing what difficulties that could arrive especially due to 'lack of experience and maturity.' I liked all of the characters being so well developed that really was able to help understand 'how the protagonist makes her decisions and why." This author was able to write a very believable novel that kept the reader engaged with this controversial subject using 'care, warmth and understanding.' The characters from Maya, Alex, Mallory, Michelle, William, Lindee, Sammy, Sterling, Chelsea, Cassandra, Joey, Jeanna, Dr. Jan, Barbara, Dave, Andrea, Anna, Mr Hobson, Dale, to a few others...really giving the reader a captivating read.

I loved how this story was lead from before it all ... continuing with the story after the birth of the baby(Evan Christopher)...on to his first birthday....and finally up to ...well this is the part that I will say you must pick up "Twenty Weeks" to see the end of this very good story that seemed so very real. How the author was able to blend in the rest of this story that was being told was simply good. You will be able to draw your own conclusions from whatever viewpoint you may have after your read. "Twenty Weeks" was definitely a page turner for me...keeping your attention till the end. Yes, there will be a abortion issue that seemed to go on and on but I feel it is a personal 'choice between a teenagers, her feelings for herself...the fetus and her relationship with God.' "Twenty Weeks" also deals with 'child abuse as well as teen pregnancy that was so very well written and easy to read.

This novel is definitely a excellent read...and yes I would recommend "Twenty
Weeks" to teenagers, YA as well as adults.


  1. This was a wonderful read. I only hopes it helps someone.

  2. Oh, I forgot to add the photo that this author added with the story ...beautiful!


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