Safewords: Davenport and Chiffon

Author: Candace Blevins
Published By:  Excessica
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5

"Safewords:  Davenport and Chiffon" by Candace Blevins was a good (BDSM)
erotic merage romantic  read.  This was a friendship with Zach, Dana, Brent
and Jacob. Let me say this is a ADULT AUDIENCE ONLY!  Now, having said
that this novel deals with how these four people 'grow and develop a very
close relationship.'  "Safewords:Davenport and Chiffon" is the fifth in a series
from this author and continues from Safewords: Davenport #4... so my suggestion would be for you to read #4 before reading #5, however...#5 does stand alone and it is a well written  amazing read. There will be many 'lessons to be learn and knowledge to be gained.'  from this read.  I do not want to give away any  of this...other than to say...I hope I have your interest in wanting   to pick up "Safeword Davenport and Chiffon" to see what Mrs. Blevins can and does bring to her readers.  Be ready for "a  book that contains graphic language, consensual BDSM, bondage, extreme electrical play, enemas, and the use of toys including clamps, canes, plugs, cages, paddles, whips, and floggers. (That is the warning from the beginning of the book DO believe it!)." Now, if all of that doesn't bother will be ready for this read.   Since I am a book reviewer... I real all kinds of reads and I will only say WOW  to this one.  Indeed,  it held my attention!  Having  to ask permission? What does that have to do with all of this? ... You must pick up this read to find out. Even though there is much sex and exploration that seems to go non stop, however, you really will get a good amazing story of loss and love.

Would I recommend "Safewords: Davenport and Chiffon" to all Adult readers..
well the decision is simply up to you....I found it quite interesting and well written novel that left me saying WOW!  By the way I gave this read 5 stars!


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