My Brother's Keeper By: Jade Jones

Author: Jade Jones
Published By:  J. J.
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"My Brother's Keeper" by Jade Jones was some good read that was very
believable... like  Cain and Abel!  "My Brother's Keeper" is a very very believable
story.  This novel was one of those that I couldn't put down.  It was a little
predictable for me...especially the the read I just kept thinking
this would happen...but yet a well written story that will keep you reading
often gasping, laughing and yes,  even  crying toward the end. "My Brother's
Keeper" was true to the storyline...presenting... twins that were ....'good seed,
bad seed and and in the end who would come out of this alive and really be
their brothers keeper. This is where I say, pick up this read you will not be

"My Brother's Keeper" was definitely a excellent novel that I would recommend
you to read if you are in for a suspenseful read.


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