The Good Servant(The Good Servant Series)

Author: Doug Lucas
Published By: Pipe Dreams Publishing
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Good Servant" by Doug Lucas was really some read that kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next. We find that Elijah B. Connors was dying and realizes that there has been a lots of questions that had gone he write a book and explains it all to his wife, son, and daughter. I found this somewhat sad that he had carried this with himself but as I read the novel...I was able to understand his reasoning.

I don't want to give too much away but here are some of my thoughts on the read: ELI'S RECORD IS SET STRAIGHT in "The Good Servant" must pick up the read to find out what it is all about.

Camels...cancer?...Eli was born on a 'brisk winter day'
Many things left untold to his wife, son and he tells all... Eli father died when he was just eleven by a drunken driver, so he took it on him to be his sister's protector...from her dates!
Was Eli hard headed? ... just ask him mom, grammy and pap
Liked the words: Actions always speak louder than words...for Ray
Always watch what people are doing around you.
What was up with the fire of the tool shed?
Just how did Eli meet Sue....she beat him up in the church parking lot?
Trust everyone but keep them honest.... poor Ben Randall?
Eli's Best Friend a twin brother...Jerry...Jeremiah Jacob Collins
Sugar Cookies and Root Beer!...Grammy's special for for only Eli
...Senior Gala...the snake?...strippers? No smoking Camel's ever when hunting and/or shooting...taught by Pap and Mr. Collins
What did the moms, grammy and Sue (Sorority Affair)... do sending them what? What had happen to Uncle Dan Vette that would come back and bite
Eli somewhat later by having to give it up.
MARINE LIFE...What was up with the Sea Bag Shuffle, Alpha Company... more camels...mike boats...Happy Valley?...Cap Pendeton...Hill 22..Hoa Cam the Republic of South Vietnam...More Camel's...
Jerry getting married to Lynn...omg!....twins....
BOHICA....FUBAR....? Why did Eli stay in Vietnam? answers....
coming home... song heard from church Just A Closer Walk With Thee....
Poem stitched by Sue for Eli...'Footprints in the Sand'...'Be thankful for all God has continually blessed me with'....for Ray
Hospital stay for Eli at Bethesda Naval in Maryland. Eli and Sue???
Momma Mae has gotten the grand babies and they have names...JP and Marie
Last days in the Marines..The Vette and Dart story...and Ansel Story....WHAT A EULOGY! leading to Eli becoming a pastor because of "Sister Marie's insight, Grand Pere showed him what God's love looked like and Father Maurice showed him that you must live as a servant sharing God Peace and love with others."

Now, if you can take this all in ....pick up this read "The Good Servant" and see for yourself .... all of the why, what,where, when and how of it all. You will not be disappointed with this read because it will really leave you with thoughts... "Trust only people whose words match there actions...A true friend will stay by your side in the worst or best of time...People don't have to be related to be family and Humor is the very best form of retribution....Find your own joy filled memories and share them from time to time with yourself...but remember memories are even sweeter with they are shared with to other."

This only leaves me to say Wow... this was some excellent novel..."The Good Servant" by Mr. Lucas. Well done Doug Lucas. I can't wait to see what you have in store of us next.


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