A Outlaw's Christmas

Author: ‌Linda Lael Miller
Published By:   Harlequin
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For:  GMTA
Rating: 4


"An Outlaw's Christmas" by Linda Lael Miller was a sweet 'McKettrick' historical romance series read that only this author could give to its readers.  This was a well written Christmas western style story  giving the reader a wild west sort of flair.  We find Sawyer McKettrick has come to Blue River, TX to take over a position from his cousin Clay as a Marshall, however, upon arriving he is shot and collapses in a school yard.  After he comes to he discovers that a Piper St. James has recused him and now  that could ruin her reputation.  Why was this and what happens next ...you will only find from picking  up "An Outlaw's Christmas" to see what will happen next for these two people.

I found the characters are all very interesting that really keep you captivated in what will be going on next.  With Piper, we find that she is one that will stand up no matter what the consequences may be and Sawyer is one that is stubborn, strong willed that holds a bit of mystery of his reputation. We will find from Clay, Dara Rose, Chester Duggins, Bess Turner, Ginny Sue, Doctor Howard, to Eloise only to name a few in the novel were all deeply developed crew giving the reader a smooth ride from the beginning till the end.
Get ready for a fast paced, warm, funny, sweet and easy read that will keep you intrigued  till  the end.  Would I recommend this McKettrick series "An Outlaw's Christmas"...my answer would be YES!


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