Devil in the Making (The Devil DeVere)

Author: Victoria Vane
Published By:  V. V.
Age Recommended:   Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Devil in the Making" by Victoria Vane was a beautifully written short story
of where it all begins...the early years..illustrated prequel  of  'The Devil DeVere
Series). The main characters...'young Lord Ludovic DeVere, Edward 'Ned' Chambers,  Simon 'Sin" Singleton and Charles Fox' were all known for their pranks really causing you to only  laugh out loud.  You will see how each one of these friends will met...the trouble they got into...omg at the university in the Georgian, England.  "Breaking into the King's menagerie, facing the wrath of the headmaster at school, facing the unholy wrath of his father and ultimately the wrath of the King, all part of the life of Devil DeVere and the story continues....this is where I say you must pick up "Devil in the Making" to find out just what all will come out from this good read.  There will be a part of the read that will let you know of the what and why of the relationship between DeVere's mother and father and questions will be answered to the why  DeVere is the man he is.

I don't want to leave out the beautiful color  illustrations are simply wonderful
that  Ms. Vane gives  the reader a pure description of each of the characters.
This read will definitely have each reader wanting more of Ms. Vane storytelling
of the 'The Devil DeVere Series.' 

If anyone is in for a good read that will unfold with humor and some bit of
seduction in a delightful way..."Devil in the Making"  would be recommended
to you...especially if you plan to pick up the series.


  1. This is new author for me and I really love her writing style and I am sure you may also.



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