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His to Defend (NOLA Knights Book 1) by Rhenna Morgan

Book Synopsis:

"Book one of NOLA Knights, the heart-stoppingly sexy spinoff series by Men of Haven author Rhenna Morgan

His world. His rules. Her love.

Though his methods may be rough, when it comes to protecting what’s his, Russian vor Sergei Petrovyh’s heart is always in the right place. That’s never been truer than when the gorgeous Evette Labadie asks him for a job. He knows enough to keep his hands off someone as beloved by the locals as Evie, but there’s something about her that calls to him—no matter how badly he burns to make her his.

Don’t think Evie hasn’t noticed the powerful Russian mafia boss who makes her favorite diner a regular stop. How can she not? He’s as hot as his reputation is dangerous. But everyone in her struggling New Orleans neighborhood knows he’s the man to turn to. And right now she needs money to get her son out of trouble.

Her other needs—needs she knows damn well Sergei can more than satisfy—will have to wait.

Evie soon finds herself playing Cinderell…

Amorous Déjà vu 2: An Urban Romance Kindle Edition by J Brinkley

Book Synopsis:

"Kim and Jason Graham found themselves immersed in their new marriage. 

Then one morning, Jason woke up in a hotel room with a high school crush, Paulette McGee, not knowing how he got there.

Months pass and he finds out that Paulette is pregnant, claiming the unborn baby is his. Will Jason be able to maintain his marriage?
Or will he lose everything?"

Title:  Amorous Deja Vu 2:  An Urban Romance Author:  J. Brinkley Publisher:  VOMA                        Series:  Part 2 Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean Rating: Five Review:
"Amorous Deja Vu 2" by J. Brinkley
My Rationalization:  
In the second part of 'Amorous Dea Vu 2', you will get the sense that all is going well for Kim and Jason.  But you can guess when all is going to well something is about the break.  Well, in the situation it was an ex of Jason by the name of Paulette who was known for being somewhat crazy. And it seems that this craziness took over Paulette by what she was trying to present to this…

Portrait of a Serial Killer JEREMIAH Kindle Edition by Niki Jilvontae

Book Synopsis:

"Not everyone needs a reason to kill... sometimes people are born with evil in them. Meet Jeremiah Lewis, pegged the Silent Killer with over 100 “proven” murders under his belt. Get ready to enter the mind of a Serial Killer... Brace yourself! ...
“When I was 5 and I saw the fear in my first victim’s eyes... I knew this was what I was destined to do. I found joy in watching the life leave the poor animal’s body. I found peace... I found myself! I am Jeremiah & this is the Portrait of a Serial Killer!”

Title:  Portrait of a Serial Killer Author:  Niki Jilvontae Publisher:  Niki Jilvontae Presents  Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean Rating:  Five Review:
"Portrait of a Serial Killer Jeremiah" by Niki Jilvontae
My Rationalization:

I will say this was a hard read for me in what was going on but I kept reading to see how this 'heartless, manipulative, evil person' could live with himself after all he had done.  I definitely agree Jeremiah was definitely the '…

In Black & White Kindle Edition by Nia Forrester

Book Synopsis:

"A marriage, a friendship, the fate of a missing child ... All three hang in the balance.

Noah and Dana are already facing a difficult time in their short marriage when their daughter, Samara, is abducted. The fallout from friends and family and the harsh judgment of the public forced them to face some difficult truths about their views on love, marriage, and race. As Dana reflects on the road leading to her and Noah's union, she begins to examine her motives for getting married, consider whether they should go on, and most painfully, question whether she and her husband ever really knew each other at all."

Title:  In Black & White Author:  Nia Forrester Publisher:  Stiletto Press, LLC                       Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean Rating:  Five Review:
"In Black & White" by Nia Forrester
My Rationalization:
This was a very interesting read that talked about child abduction, interracial marriage[complications], communication & trust [or the l…

Amorous Déjà vu: An Urban Romance Kindle Edition by J Brinkley

Book Synopsis:

"After many attempts to find that special someone and failing, Kim decides to redirect her focus on herself and her only daughter. Judging things by her past relationships, she realizes that things usually begin lovely, but end tragically.

She questions her fate; how will this relationship end? Or will it last? Only time will reveal that unknown secret."

Title:  Amorous Deja vu  Author:  J. Brinkley Publisher:  VOMA                          Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean Rating: Five Review:
"Amorous Deja vu" by J. Brinkley
My Rationalization:  

Wow!  What a love beautiful sweet well-written romance that "Amorous Deja vu " was that this author presented so well to the reader.  As I was reading through the story I wasn't sure how it was coming together but indeed after the trust issue was established between Kim and Jason there was nothing left for them but love that definitely existed for them.  I really did enjoy seeing how this hero acted toward th…

The Swirl: Book 1 & 2 Kindle Edition by Cornelia Smith

Book Synopsis:

"There's a thin line between lust and love. Torn between two men, June must choose the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with and say goodbye to the other lover. But what happens when the loser isn’t satisfied with her decision? Find out what happens when this love triangle turns into a wreck tangle.

Title:  The Swirl: Book 1 & 2
Author:  Cornelia Smith
Publisher:  The Book Plug       
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Swirl Book 1 & 2" by Cornelia Smith

"The Swirl:  A Haunted Crave" Part 1  by Cornelia Smith

My Rationalization: from Book 1

I will say this was quite a 'swirl' of a read with some real shady characters that will keep you turning the pages to see what is coming next.  Definitely, the race was a 'testy subject' that was there throughout the read. What will happen 'when you lust for the person you are supposed to hate' as it was for Leo?  This was quite an interesting story that …

Mr. Vega Kindle Edition by Xyla Turner

Book Synopsis:

"Mr. Vega
I didn't want this woman to be my nanny. She had no experience and a failed art career. What did she know about rearing children? She was my late wife's choice and I didn't too much care for the woman and she didn't care for me either.
Until all hell broke loose and the nanny was the only one my son could turn to. The only one we could rely on. She kept us going and then she wanted to leave too.
Not a damn chance.

There could never be anything between me and Mr. Vega. He was the father of the boy in my charge. I was his nanny. Nothing more and nothing less.
The lines needed to be clear between him and me, but a nagging feeling told me, he would keep them blurred."
Note: This is a standalone book, but it does have cameos from other series: Across the Aisle: Trent & Duncan, Lady Guardians: Goldie, Stetson Series: By Chance, No Choice. It is IR, BWWM, and HEA, but Duncan is a different kind of perfect. I hope you give him a cha…

You Had Me at Cowboy (Cowboys of Creedence Book 2) Kindle Edition by Jennie Marts

Book Synopsis:

"This cowboy is falling hard
Mason James is the responsible one who stayed behind to run the ranch while his brother, Rock, took off to play professional hockey. Women have used him before to get to his brother—and Mason intends never to get burned again. But after he meets quirky Tessa Kane at his brother's wedding, Mason discovers he's ready to take a chance on love. Tessa Kane is a reporter on the verge of losing a job she desperately needs—unless she's clever enough to snag a story on the famous Rockford James. But when she falls for her subject's brother, she's caught between a rock and a hard-muscled cowboy. What will happen when Mason finds out who she really is?"
Title:  You Had Me at Cowboy Author:  Jennie Marts Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca                          Series:  Cowboys of Creedence Book 2 Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean Rating:  Five Review:  "You Had Me at Cowboy" by Jennie Marts My Rationalization: I enjoyed t…

Silken Scales (The Chameleon Effect Book 1) Kindle Edition by Alex Hayes

Book Synopsis:

"Idris Williams has perfect pitch… the ability to recognize notes and play them back perfectly by ear.
With his musical talent, confidence and great looks, he was practically born to be a rock star. There’s just one problem. His overbearing father is determined to control his destiny and music isn’t on the agenda. For Idris, there doesn’t seem to be a way out…

— Until he morphs into a monster.

Cadi Rhoswen has finally found a safe and loving home…
Then a malicious high school jock turns her whole world upside down. The next thing she knows, she’s wandering the streets in the middle of winter. Alone.

— Until she finds a beastly boy hiding out in an abandoned nightclub called the Thorny Rose.

To change Idris back into his sexy human self, Cadi must reveal a secret she’s been holding close to her heart for as long as she can remember. A secret that will pit them against a deadly army and change their lives… forever."

Silken Scales is a modern-day Beauty and the Beast r…

Sweet Western Hearts: Mail Order Bride Romance Collection Kindle Edition by Ruby Hill

Book Synopsis:

"**A new book in the series, Westward for Love, can only be found in this romance collection!**

Heartwarming historical western romances. Follow these mail order brides as they embark on adventures and reveal deep secrets. Discover mystery, hope, and love in the stories of these five strong, independent women!

Love Can Wait
When a mail-order bride must prove her new husband’s innocence in a murder case, their love is put to the ultimate test!

Rancher’s Heart
Clara must face a dangerous situation with her new husband, but she is not entirely sure if she can trust him. Is her new husband a kind, genteel man, or is he one of the outlaws terrorizing their town?

Broken Betrothal
A mail-order bride mystery romance to warm your heart.

Westward for Love
When a young widow helps two strangers, she gets caught up in events she would have never thought possible. One of the strangers could be the love she has always wanted—if she determines he can be trusted.

Love is Kind
When Alice …

Lost You A Novel by Haylen Beck Aug 6


"A provocative and unputdownable psychological suspense about two women locked in a desperate fight over a child each belief is rightfully hers

Libby needs a break. Three years ago her husband split, leaving her to raise their infant son Ethan alone as she struggled to launch her writing career. Now for the first time in years, things are looking up. She's just sold her first novel, and she and Ethan are going on a much-needed vacation. Everything seems to be going their way, so why can't she stop looking over her shoulder or panicking every time Ethan wanders out of view? Is it because of what happened when Ethan was born? Except Libby's never told anyone the full story of what happened, and there's no way anyone could find her and Ethan at a faraway resort . . . right?

But three days into their vacation, Libby's fears prove justified. In a moment of inattention, Ethan wanders into an elevator before Libby can reach him. When the elevator stop…

Dancing on the Moon: A Carver High Short Story Kindle Edition by Linda Leigh Hargrove

Book Synopsis:

"Dr. Katrina Mason loves teaching college math. It's a rewarding departure from her past vocation as a stripper. When an abusive relationship forces her to take a job at a high school in another state, she's pleasantly surprised how much she enjoys it. That is until she gets a lewd unsigned note to the school's Valentine dance using her old stage name. When handsome Principal Nate Thomas finds out about her provocative past, will he be inviting her to leave the job? In the end, what Nate teaches Katrina about love will have her feeling like she's dancing on the moon.

NOTE: This short story is one of the stories in Ty Moody's Love Knows My Name (2019) Anthology. I'm reprinting it with her permission.

Title: Dancing on the Moon [Carver High]
Author: Linda Leigh Hargrove
Publisher: L.L H.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Dancing on the Moon [Carver High]" by Linda Leigh Hargrove

"My Rationalization:

This was a sweet short re…

The Replacement Date: A Short Story (Victory Gospel Short Book 1) Kindle Edition by Tyora Moody

Book Synopsis:

"Five years after a rocky divorce, Donna Madison is out on her first date. But when she is stood up by her date, she’s not too upset because a surprise “replacement” date saves the night. The man who shows up at her table is a childhood friend she hadn’t seen in fifteen years. Maxwell Anderson is no ordinary blast from the past, and Donna can't help but wonder if the unexpected meeting has divine purposes.

Victory Gospel Shorts are sweet Christian romance short stories from 8,000 to 10,000 words or 32-40 book pages. Meet a different member of the Victory Gospel Church family. Don't be surprised if you see a character from the Victory Gospel Series or the Reed Family Series in a story."

NOTE: This short story was previously published in the LOVE KNOWS MY NAME anthology.

Title:  The Replacement Date:  a Short Story Author:  Tyora Moody Publisher:  T.M.                                           Series  Victory Gospel Short Book 1 Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean Rating…

Love and Other Mistakes by Jessica Kate

Book Synopsis:

"Jessica Kate’s hilarious, romantic debut novel proves that some mistakes—including love—are begging to be made again and again.

Natalie Groves once had big dreams. But soon after her fiancé, Jeremy Walters inexplicably broke off their engagement and left town, her father was diagnosed with cancer. Now tasked with keeping her family afloat, Natalie’s grand plans have evaporated . . . and God feels very far away. Fast-forward seven years and Jeremy is back in Charlottesville with an infant son and years of regrets. When his niece, Lili, lands on his doorstep in need of a place to stay, Jeremy needs help—and fast. An internship opening finally presents Natalie a chance at her dream job, but she needs a second income to work around it—and the only offer available is Jeremy’s. They could be the solutions to one another’s problems, provided they don’t kill each other in the process. When they join forces, sparks fly. But they both know there’s a thin line between love …