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The Power of Manipulation Kindle Edition by Niki Jilvontae

Book Excerpt:

"Manipulation. Defined as the action of manipulating someone in a clever or unscrupulous way! This is the world’s oldest art form, which consists of a series of twisted words and played upon emotions. When used correctly, manipulation can give a broken soul the courage it needs to move on during a difficult time. Or it can serve as a catalyst for chaos in the hands of a dark soul seeking revenge! In this book, we will explore various uses of manipulation in everyday life! You will see just how powerful the tongue can be when greed, envy, manipulation, and even murder comes into play! Between these pages, you will read five, intricately woven short stories that will reveal The Power of Manipulation! Beware & Take Heed!"

Title: The Power of Manipulation
Author: Niki Jilvontae
Publisher: Niki Jilvontae Presents 
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Power of Manipulation" by Niki Jilvontae

My Rationalization:

Story 1: Vih: Everything That Looks …

Everything I Need: A New Year Short Story (Desire Book 2) by Raven Heart

Book Excerpt:

"New Year.
New Goals.
Same Love."

Title:  Everything I Need:  A New Year Short Story Author:  Raven Heart Publisher:  R. H.  Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean Rating: Five Review:
"Everything I Need:  A New Year Short Story" by Raven Heart
My Rationalization:
All that is left from this short story is when things look too real, one has to think, is it?  As it was for Natalie when Damien comes back into her life, was this a good or bad thing as it seems he was giving her all the things she ever wanted for her and her two sons Kaleb and Kaden?  Well, it looks like we will have to wait to get the answer to that question the story continues.

Everything I Want: A Christmas Short Story (Desire Book 1) Kindle Edition by Raven Heart

Book Excerpt:

"A long list of gifts can't fulfill the desire of a long lost love. 

Will the joy of Christmas be significant enough to mend broken hearts and keep two distant lovers together?"

Title:  Everything I Want:  A Christmas Short Story
Author:  Raven Heart
Publisher:  R. H.   
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Everything I Want:  A Christmas Short Story" by Raven Heart

My Rationalization: 

After ten years of marriage, Natalie finds herself divorced and alone with her two sons Kaleb and Kaden.  Now living with her mother, what will happen when Daien comes through for her children bringing Christmas gifts and even more for Natalie?  Will Natalie get everything she wants for Christmas?  Well, you will have to get the next part in this author's read:  'Everything I Need' to get the next part of this story.

A Promise Fulfilled: A Tweede Kans Cove Christmas (A DuBois-Arazi Family Novel Book 1) Kindle Edition by Unoma Nwankwor

Book Excerpt:

"This Christmas, Unoma Nwankwor invites you to the home of the DuBois-Arazis: Tweede Kans Cove. A small town near the Mid Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Take a trip to the city where love almost always gets a second chance.

While Christmas is tough for Yasmine DuBois-Arazi, her beloved hometown of Tweede Kans Cove couldn’t be merrier. Her fix? Every year, she goes away. This year, however, when the responsibility for the Hope for the Holidays Christmas benefit suddenly falls in her lap, things might not go according to plan.
She’s gone through worse, but being in Tweede Kans Cove for the holidays isn’t something she thinks she’ll survive. She has to get out of town.

Kojo ‘Keyz’ Sarbah has been on the run long enough. Eighteen years too long. At that time, he’s become a famous, award-winning music producer. To the world, he’s living the dream, but for years, the demons from his childhood told him otherwise. After a near-death experience, he decides to seek help and live f…

Christmas With The Smith's Kindle Edition by Ms. Grad Marie

Book Excerpt:

"Raechel “Shonnie” Smith is the oldest of the musically infamous Smith clan. She is also the only unwed daughter of the bunch. Following in her mother’s “Mama Smith’s” footsteps, Shonnie can not only sing, but she can bang the keys of any piano gracefully. Mama Smith, Deacon Ralph Smith, and their four children are famous in their community and well involved in the local church.
But every family has their secrets, and it isn’t long before Smith’s family secret is unveiled during a traditional holiday visit to her parents’ home this Christmas season.
Her whole life, Shonnie has been the outcast and the black sheep of her family. She soon finds out that some of the most poisonous people come disguised as family. The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.
Blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you Family.

Title: Christmas With The Smith's
Author: Ms. Grad Marie
Publisher: G. M.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five


A Vengeful Christmas: A Novella Kindle Edition by Shajuana McDuffy

Book Excerpt:

"In this fiery holiday novella, Adina learns that her husband of seventeen years has been living a double life. With this newfound information that she has been given, she goes out on a mission in search of the truth. That critical piece of data is the glue to keep their marriage together. They say love is blind, but she has to find out for herself. She reconnects with an old friend who has been by her side every step of the way. He has expressed his interest in her, but she won’t give in to his advances. Along with another friend, he puts together a plan that will surely change her mind. 

Will her marriage be reconcilable or will love to deal with her a new hand?

Robert is a man of many talents. He’s smart, he’s charming, and he’s cocky. He has two women that he’s in love with, but he harbors a secret that could change the dynamics of the game. This secret has the power to destroy him and anything attached to him if it gets into the wrong hands. He could possi…

Unsilent Knight: An Erotic Holiday Short Story Kindle Edition by Brookelyn Mosley

Book Excerpt:

"'Twas the night before Christmas when Ms. Nice got naughty.

After ending a decade-long relationship, leaving her commitment-phoebe boyfriend and the home they shared, a goal-digging Cadence Nice has moved into a new apartment building, prepared to start a new life… as planned.

The only thing she didn't plan for was dealing with her new neighbor, Meki Knight. The obnoxious, condescending a-hole, as she would describe, has the kind of look that makes a woman who's usually used to being in charge forget her train of thought and trip over her words.

He's bold, has the body of a God, and possesses a gorgeous smile. And he'd be the perfect package if he wasn't such a jerk. Between loud music and even louder houseguests, Meki has zero consideration for Cadence. And he's wearing her patience paper-thin.

After their first rude introduction to one another, Meki left Cadence hating him with a passion… literally. And following a chance meeting in an …

Home For Christmas: A Short Holiday Love Story Kindle Edition by Brookelyn Mosley

Book Excerpt:

“Dear Santa...”

Jaleel and Eva Gordon haven’t lived in the same house since the summer, and this Christmas, their son’s concise Christmas wish list will change all that.

As a former college phenom turned Bronx Ballers’ shooting guard, Jaleel Gordon hasn’t reached his level of success, doing the bare minimum for his struggling team. He’s been grinding and grinding hard, but success doesn’t come easily or without its share of sacrifices. For Jaleel, his most significant sacrifice was his relationship with his soon-to-be ex-wife Eva.

Business owner, Eva Gordon is so through with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jaleel. She’s no stranger to hard work, but even she knows when to work hard and to play harder. After patiently waiting for her husband to tap into that philosophy, she’s given up on him altogether. This is why six months ago, after yet another explosive argument with Jaleel, Eva demanded a divorce... even though her heart is taking a bit longer to catch up to her demand.


Ebb & Flow: A Novella Kindle Edition by Brookelyn Mosley

Book Excerpt:

"Nubia Merci and Naazir Goodman were never supposed to be a couple… at least that's what the people close to them believed...

Despite the odds, somehow, they’ve formed an enviable courtship. But while they are working diligently to nurture and cultivate their love, those same people in their lives are working even harder to tear them apart.  

Nubia, an interior decorator, is without a doubt in love. She’s a creative, able to imagine an abundance of possibilities, creating magic with spaces that seem impossible to work with. As imaginative as she is, though, never did she imagine falling for a man like Naazir. And now that she has fallen, she has no intention of letting him go. A series of events will challenge her plans when she's dealt the "mother of all ebbs." Will those events force her to abandon the ship?

Naazir, a street muralist, is used to things not going his way. Life for him has never been easy, leaving him no choice but to hustle harder t…

In Pursuit of You (In The Heart of A Valentine Book 6) By: Stephanie Nicole Norris

Book Excerpt:

"As the owner of WTZB broadcast station, Avery Michele was determined to make her grandfather’s legacy thrive, even if her duties included being in front of the camera for Chicago’s hottest events. However, Avery didn’t foresee catching the eye of one determined bachelor. And after accepting his invitation to lunch, an unexpected craving for more than nutrition storms her with heat that takes her breath away. But with life outside of her profession shifting in the wrong direction, the thought of disappearing is the impetus that makes Avery run away from love.

Jilted at the altar, Aerospace Engineer DeAndre Valentine vowed to never put his heart on the line again. But after a chance encounter puts him in the proximity of Avery Michele, something about the mysterious beauty sends him on an exploratory mission. One that could prove his heart was meant to be broken or be the very thing to make him believe in love again."

*Each book in this series can be read as a st…

Redemption (AmBw Romantic Suspense) Kindle Edition by Kenya Wright

Book Excerpt:

"This is a slow burn holiday romance about two broken people with one goal—to survive. 

Yoshiro escaped a career of crime with the mafia after they killed his family. For five years, he’s dropped out of life. All he wants this Christmas is to be left alone. Then, Ebony and her kids accidentally crash onto his property during a snowstorm. For three years, they’ve been running from her husband—who’s been more monster than man.

The storm picks up. They are forced to remain with Yoshiro until it dies down. And the threat of Ebony’s monster remains, lurking within the shadows and threatening her safety. But Yoshiro knows all about death and blood. Her monster doesn’t scare him. What has him terrified is that heartwarming feeling sparking between them. The more time Yoshiro spends with Ebony, the more she becomes a Christmas present that he’s dying to open. Too bad, she’s promised herself that she will never let another man in her or her children’s life again.

Yet, sometim…

A Classic Alpha for Christmas (A Very Alpha Christmas Book 9) Kindle Edition by Shani Greene-Dowdell

Book Excerpt:

"An unforgettable holiday hookup refuses to be a one-night stand in this sizzling and adorable romance from bestselling author Shani Greene-Dowdell. 


You can be mean when you look this clean… Classic Man.
I like that song because it fits my swagger, which women love.
When a woman is with me, she’s with me.
I meet all of her needs—no question.
But lately, I’ve lost my appetite for the average woman.
I don't mean to be arrogant, but I’m looking for the one who can fit into my world perfectly—a classic.
Oh, yeah, and I need her by Christmas.

Men, most of them are not ready for a relationship.
And, well, on most days, I’m not either.
But I told my mother I was dating someone, and well…
I have to find him, so I can take him home for Christmas.
A speed-date night lines me up with the perfect set up
A handsome man who also needs a stand-in for Christmas.
Except, I could actually see myself falling for him.
I don’t want to get hurt, and I can see in his eyes th…

Love Me For Christmas: A Novella Kindle Edition by B. Love

Book Excerpt:

"What happens when the city’s most successful matchmaker fails at securing her own love? Her best friend takes matters into her own hands – even if just for the Christmas holiday! Giselle has always had a knack for bringing two souls together; however, she’s been blind to the needs of her own soul. When her best friend, Ashton, sets her up to finally put her individual needs first, Giselle meets an unlikely match in Chaquille. 

Chaquille has never had a problem pursuing women he was interested in, but lately, the pickings have been slim. His disinterest in women motivates him to go to a speed dating event, though he isn’t expecting to meet anyone worth the effort. By mistake, Giselle sits at his table, and the sparks that go off between them heat Chaquille up in a way that makes him believe it’s the Fourth of July instead of Christmas.

Giselle is expecting Chaquille to leave her because of her standards just like every other man she’s encountered, but when he proves …

Beauty and the Boss: A Standalone Novel Kindle Edition by Pebbles Starr

Book Excerpt:

An epic standalone novel that will change your life!
"When Zya and her best friends Raven and Davia cross paths with bad boy brothers Kross and Terron at a Hollywood club, they find out just how much can change when they fall in with the Colombian Cartel crowd.

Everyone has their secrets, and the brothers have more than a few, and dark pasts to boot. Combined with the drama in the girls’ lives - Davia’s hung-up stalker ex, Raven’s unfortunate infatuation with Terron, and Zya’s run-in with Kross’ manic ex – things can only get more complicated. With the secrets and lies between the three friends threatening to be the end of their sisterhood, can they rise above it all?

“Beauty and the Boss” is an African American standalone that will transport you into a fast-paced world of crime, cartels, drama, and romance."

Title: Beauty and the Boss
Author: Pebbles Starr
Publisher: Jaded Publications 
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Beauty and the Boss" by …

Small Town Love (Lovetown Book 1) Kindle Edition by Michelle Stimpson (Author), Michelle Lindo-Rice

Book Excerpt:

"One small town. One big secret. An even bigger love.
Sean Morrison has returned to Lovetown, TX, with one purpose in mind: Claim Janiya Thompson as his wife. He has his faith, his military career, his upscale apartment, and with Janiya by his side, his life will finally be complete. But Sean has a secret that could destroy his newfound relationship. Will he have the courage to tell Janiya the truth? Janiya “Niya” Thompson has only known grief and uncertainty in her small-town life. She doesn’t see any hope for a brighter future until her childhood friend, Sean, returns to town. Now, Janiya begins to yearn for more and opens her heart to new possibilities. Will Sean be a part of her healing, or will he bring more pain?"

Title: Small Town Love
Author: Michelle Stimpson & Michelle Lindo-Rice
Publisher: M.S. & M. L.R.
Series; Lovetown Book 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five
"Small Town Love" by Michelle Stimpson &…