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Reserve My Curves: Your Husband Chose Me By: B.M. Hardin

Book Description....

Envy was more than familiar with hard times and it seemed as though she couldn't catch a break. Out of options, and out of time, she accepts an indecent proposal in hopes of a little financial stability. Her money-making body and mesmerizing curves, takes her to the top of the game in no time and Envy starts to make more money than she could count or that she knew what to do with. But everybody knows that more money, equals more problems and soon Envy realizes that she'd bitten off more than she could chew. She finds herself caught up in a world full of money, sex, lies and deceit. Even murder seems to be on the menu. Envy learns the hard way that all attention ain't good attention; especially when it's unwanted... or when it's married.

Title:  Reserve My Curves:  Your Husband Chose Me
Author:  B.M. Hardin
Publisher:  David Weaver Presents
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Reserve My Curves:  Your Husband Chose Me" by B.…

The Griffin's Secret By: Cate Masters

Book Description....
"In this contemporary re-telling of Grimm’s classic fairy tale The Griffin, two people must risk everything to free themselves from the invisible prisons that keep them from love…
Jackson Grant had it all—the girl he loved, his Harley, and his guitar. Until a tragic accident stole it all away. Now, more than scars and a tattoo remain. Jackson has a secret. Cursed by his dead girlfriend’s mother, he can never fall in love again or his beloved will die. With his heart on lock down, he keeps to himself—until a roadie gig with Malcontent, the world’s most popular band, entwines his fate with sweet, wounded Layla’s…

Music is what Layla lives for. She has no choice. She’s bound by magic to serve Malcontent, cursed to propel them to stardom with her musical powers. Then Jackson appears and gives her hope that he’s the hero who will save her. A reluctant hero, yet one she can’t resist. But freedom will come at price—and who will pay…?"

Title:  The Griffin's S…

How To Bake the Perfect Apple Pie By: Gina Henning

Book Description....

A scrumptious pie. A long distance guy. 4th of July fireworks guaranteed.
Lauren Hauser has it all…nearly. With a shiny new job and sparkly new engagement ring on her finger, the only thing she’s missing is her gorgeous new fiancé by her side. Should she be worried? Jack’s kisses are as sizzling as always and, sure, long distance is hard but, she and Jack are solid, right?
Of course the stress of planning a wedding—or not—is nothing compared to the stress of baking an apple pie. Because it’s not just any apple pie that Lauren must bake for the 4th of July contest; it’s her grandmother’s famous, award-winning apple pie! Yet Lauren is determined to make this pie her own and a little apple pie should be no problem for the Hauser clan dessert queen…!
But with her new job taking up so much time, a prize pie to perfect and the growing distance between her and Jack, Lauren begins to wonder if she can really have it all… Only one things for sure, there’ll be fireworks this 4…

Oven Baked Secrets By: Tyora Moody

Book Description...

EUGEENA PATTERSON is not happy about her next-door neighbor, Louise Hopkins, being sent to live in a nursing home. Without her fellow neighborhood watch buddy, Sugar Creek isn’t the same anymore. In fact, life after retirement has become a whole new adventure of exploring social media and blogging.
Win an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Oven Baked Secrets, Eugeena Patterson Mysteries, Book 2.

While she tries not to meddle into her adult children’s lives, Eugeena Patterson can’t help but dish out relationship advice. Eugeena’s own budding romance with Amos Jones has her emotions in upheaval. Is she really finding love again as she turns sixty?

When a stranger reveals a stunning secret about Louise’ past, Eugeena questions if the young woman’s claim is for real or if she is a con artist? Roping in Amos for help, Eugeena digs up a few skeletons from her elderly friend’s closet. When Eugeena stumbles upon a long forgotten murder case, she realizes the layers of a long dormant secret…

Hostile Eyewitness: Serena Manchester Series Book One By Tyora Moody

Book Description...

"Depressed from the complications of a head injury, SERENA MANCHESTER seeks solitude in the hometown she left almost twenty-five years before. Unknown to Serena, her hometown’s landscape has changed and unseemly elements have seeped into the quaint Southern seaport town.

One night Serena witnesses a gang-related crime. She thinks she recognizes one of the young men, but chooses not to identify him. What if her brain injury has deceived her perceptions? Her estranged family has already reminded her why she left town in the first place. Drawing attention to herself and perhaps threatening her well-being is the last thing Serena needs.

Serena is determined to keep a low-profile, but Trey Evans persistently tries to draw her from her hiding place. With her track record with men, Serena isn’t interested. What does she have in common with a minister even if they were childhood friends?

When tragedy strikes close to home, Serena can no longer keep her head in the sand. …

Ever After By: Jude Deveraue

Book Description..
Jude Deveraux, the New York Times bestselling contemporary romance author known for her incredible storytelling, spirited heroines, and sexy heroes, returns with her most enchanting novel yet: a love story set on Nantucket, featuring the Montgomerys and the Taggarts and filled with secrets and surprises.
Title: Ever After   Author:  Jude Deveraux   Publisher:  Ballantine Books Series:  A Nantucket Brides Trilogy # 3 Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean Rating:  Five Review
"Ever Ever" by Jude Deveraux
What I enjoyed from this read....
I liked this well written story that kept my attention from the start all the way to the end of this good story which happens to be  the third in this Nantucket Brides Trilogy.  This was quite a interesting story of how a family member can betray you.  I am not sure I wouldn't have taken the road at the end that this heroine took concerning here step sister  but I guess it turned out for the best.  It was a blessing for Hallie to h…

Love Ain't Enough By K'Aliyah Knight

Book Description....

"Paula aka "Nine" is too cute, yet this Creole will pull out her .9 mm real quick. Nine falls for hustler Makhi Mack, and foolishly agrees to an open relationship.
One of his drop spots takes a hit in Los Angeles, and Makhi heads home without her. Nine knows he is also going home to see an ex. Nine is a true rider, and has given this man her heart.
Back in L.A., Makhi begins to unravel who he needs to body for stealing from him, and gets at his old “good” girl Marlo. He steps into a dirty love triangle. Legs fly open to the wrong dudes. These chicks ain’t loyal to their besties or blood. And, even worse? Prissy Marlo has replaced Makhi.
See as kids, Makhi and Marlo fell in love so she learned the grind. Marlo has groomed her new dude to dethrone Makhi’s empire. Sex and emotions are high. Love ain’t enough to keep anybody alive when the truth starts unraveling."

Title:  Love Ain't Enough Author: K'Aliyah Knight Publisher  Shan Presents R…

My Husband's Whore Part 2 By Racquel Williams

Book Description...
"The drama continues as Destiny Clarke, vows to claim what’s rightfully hers—Hassan Clarke and his money. Sick and tired of lies and betrayal, Destiny decides to take matters in her own hands, by creating havoc in the lives of the people who've done her wrong.  Hassan Clarke is so engulfed into his deceitful ways, that he becomes oblivious to the fact that his life and his freedom are up for grabs. Friends become enemies and in the end, he has no one to call on, but himself.
Imani Gibson is too naive to realize that some things are not worth fighting for; in this case, another woman’s husband. She soon realizes that games are for children and not everyone is playing with a full deck.
Watch the drama unfold with this trio, as more secrets are revealed and lives are torn apart, all in the name of love. How will it end? Will Destiny finally get her man, or will her husband’s whore end up on top?"

Title:  My Husband's whore Part 2 Author:  Racquel …