Love Ain't Enough By K'Aliyah Knight

Book Description....

"Paula aka "Nine" is too cute, yet this Creole will pull out her .9 mm real quick. Nine falls for hustler Makhi Mack, and foolishly agrees to an open relationship.
One of his drop spots takes a hit in Los Angeles, and Makhi heads home without her. Nine knows he is also going home to see an ex. Nine is a true rider, and has given this man her heart.
Back in L.A., Makhi begins to unravel who he needs to body for stealing from him, and gets at his old “good” girl Marlo. He steps into a dirty love triangle. Legs fly open to the wrong dudes. These chicks ain’t loyal to their besties or blood. And, even worse? Prissy Marlo has replaced Makhi.
See as kids, Makhi and Marlo fell in love so she learned the grind. Marlo has groomed her new dude to dethrone Makhi’s empire. Sex and emotions are high. Love ain’t enough to keep anybody alive when the truth starts unraveling."

Title:  Love Ain't Enough
Author: K'Aliyah Knight
Publisher  Shan Presents
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Love Ain't Enough" by K'Aliyah Knight...

What  I like about this novel...

What a story!  I was so glad that this author always give the reader the subject name  of whom  the chapter was about.  That really helped me keep up because there will be so much going on with all of the twist, turns and let's not leave out the drama drama drama!  How this author was able to put this story altogether for the reader to understand was sheer magic on her part. I was definitely kept on the edge of my seat turning the pages with this mind blowing story.  All of the characters...well were really something else where I will say I didn't like any of those lost souls with all of the shadiness as the reader  will see as the revelation and corruption come out!   I don't want to say anymore other than you will have to pick this urban/hood novel and see for yourself how well this author presents it all to the reader. Take my will be one unforgettable read.


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