Hostile Eyewitness: Serena Manchester Series Book One By Tyora Moody

Book Description...

"Depressed from the complications of a head injury, SERENA MANCHESTER seeks solitude in the hometown she left almost twenty-five years before. Unknown to Serena, her hometown’s landscape has changed and unseemly elements have seeped into the quaint Southern seaport town.

One night Serena witnesses a gang-related crime. She thinks she recognizes one of the young men, but chooses not to identify him. What if her brain injury has deceived her perceptions? Her estranged family has already reminded her why she left town in the first place. Drawing attention to herself and perhaps threatening her well-being is the last thing Serena needs.

Serena is determined to keep a low-profile, but Trey Evans persistently tries to draw her from her hiding place. With her track record with men, Serena isn’t interested. What does she have in common with a minister even if they were childhood friends?

When tragedy strikes close to home, Serena can no longer keep her head in the sand. Feeling responsible, Serena’s reporter skills kick in and to the angst of the local police, she decides to start her own investigation.

What began as journey to recover her sanity now becomes a fight for redemption."

Title:  Hostile Eyewitness:  Serena Manchester Series Book One
Author:  Tyora Moody
Publisher:  Urban Christian
Series:   Serena Manchester Series Book One
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Hostile Eyewitness:   Serena Manchester Series Book One by  Tyora Moody

What I liked from this novel....

I found this first Serena Manchester series quite a interesting read.  I look forward to more good series from this author because she really give the reader a interesting and captivating read that will keep your attention from the beginning to the very end.  I found this read one of a murder mystery.  Well, what will you expect  as Serena is a reporter and as she is getting her health back from from a horrible head injury that  had happened to her earlier on  and from that to returning to her home town after twenty five years due to her aunts' death...then who would have thought that from a convenience store visit would start up a chain of things that will keep Serena involved in this mystery seeing that it is involving a family member. Will Serena be able to pick herself up from all that had happened to her and get  back into her reporter skills and solve this mystery? All I can say be ready for a murder mystery to be solved, a lots of family drama and maybe a starting of a romance with a long time friend?  You will just have to pick up this well written novel to see for yourself  how well it is presented to the readers.   I will say I loved how this author gives the reader the whole cliffhangers here! THANK YOU!


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