You Make Me Feel Brand New

Author: Chicki Brown
Published By: C.B.
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4


"You Make Me Feel Brand New" by Chicki Brown was a sweet novella read that will only leave you wanting more. I felt that the ending was somewhat rushed but in the end the reader gets a good solid read.


How Jan Davis and Mac Sinclair comes together was truly beautifully done.
Their meeting... Mac getting to know Jan....their dating starts then... How will Jan's daughters (Bobbie & Val) react to their mother dating and what will they think of their age differences? Will Jan's daughters be happy for her?
Even more...
What will Jan's friends (Verna, Kathy, & Noreen) think of Mac and them dating?
Now the even bigger question ...
How will Mac's family(Ruth,John, Pat & Grant) like the idea of their oldest child marrying a women eleven years his senior?
And another question that really had me going....Now, out of the blue will Jan's ex(Robert)care any about any of this?
Now, to get all of these questions answered you must pick up "You Make Me Feel Brand New" to see why Jan 'soul' was made to feel brand new after meeting MacArthur Sinclair. I have tried very hard not to give to much away only wanting you to pick up "You Make Me Feel Brand New" to see how this author does a wonderful job with this novella.
All of the characters were simply good and well developed only making this read interesting.

Would I recommend "You Make Me Feel Brand New?"...Yes! Well done Ms.Brown!


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