Stranger In The Room: A Novel (Keye Street #2)

Author:  Amanda Kyle Williams
Published By:  Bantam Books
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"Stranger In the Room: a Novel" (Keye Street #2)  was a wonderful mystery suspense-thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat not putting it down until
the end.  This novel is a second in the 'Keye Street series'  dealing with Keye Street's cousin,  Miki being stalked...add to that many murders are  being committed and the missing cremated ashes and you have a excellent well written script to be read.
All of the characters were simply wonderful in that they were so well developed
into their particular character  only making this read good....from Keye, Rauser,
Neil, Miki, Tyrone, Emily, Harold, Cash Tilson, Billy and Brenda Wade, Larry
Quinn, Bevins, Marko Pullip, Jimmy,Dan, Dr, Shetty, Joe Ray Kirkpatrick, Mr.
Huckaby, 'White Trash,' Mary Kate Stargell and the list goes on ...all simply
good...some over the top....with even some were even humorous and had me
laughing out loud at some of it.  Now, I am sure at this point you are wondering
what "Stranger In The Room" is all about and this is where I say you must pick
up this read to find out about it.  "Stranger In The Room" was a tastefully written with all of its darkness... that after all is said and done the job of getting it delivered to the reader  was well this author brings it to life a very believable story for the reader. The ending rather surprised me but after I thought about it...I guess this is the way life can go for a person.  Only leaving me to say does one ever open their eyes and see what is not good for them.  Oh well... to know just what I am referring must pick up this read.

Would I recommend this mystery thriller..."Stranger In The Room"... YES.  It is
my understanding that there is a #1 in this series: The Stranger You Seek that
I plan on checking it out soon.


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