Treacherous Temptations

Author: Victoria Vane
Published By: Entangled Publishing
Age Recommended:   Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Treacherous Temptations" by Victoria Vane was another one her wonderful historical erotic romances.  I have read all of this author novels and again this was a home run....definitely this one was  a hit out of the ball park.  Ms. Vane is well known for her writing that only  flows so smoothly with such description that willl appeal to all of her readers.

There were two main characters in this novel:  Mary Elizabeth Edwardes and Lord Hadley Blanchard.  Mary was a heiress(riches woman in England) with a large fortune that had to take a husband as Sir Richard, her ruthless guardian was forcing her leave her country home in Welham Grove and go to London, but  why was this?  Lord Hadley's father the Earl had died with a scandal that only changed his life and definitely his entitlements...only leaving him to 'live the life of a footloose rogue...being a spy secretly for the crown'(Jacobite)....and just who had been responsible for all of this?

Ms. Vane will take the readers on a real roller coaster ride in how she brings all
of this out ....with Hadley trying to return his family's name and even trying to win Mary's heart..what will come of all of this?

The characters were are very interesting and very well developed that they captured you with such interest keeping  this story moving from Mary, Hadley, Sir Richard, Lady Barbara Blanchard, Jenny, James, Nanette, Lord Barnesley 
only presenting a well rounded read. 

 Be ready for a story that is filled with 'financial scandal, sex, secrets, danger, treachery, lies, debauchery, betrayal and even love with historical facts that only added such a believable well written read.  Now, I will say to fully
understand all of the what, where, when and how you must pick up "Treacherous Temptations" to see what all this author has in store for us ...the reader.  In the end we all get to see just how this wonderful love story will end...and oh, what a ending!

I thought this was another one of Victoria Vane's well written "Treacherous Temptations" that I would recommend  and just say to this author ...very well done.


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