When We Touch

Author:  Brenda Novak
Published By: Mira
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4

"When We Touch" by Brenda Novak was a good contemporary romance that  maybe  could be considered  a chick lit or a short story novella, but in the end it was all a wonderful well written read that I did enjoyed reading.  I think in the end poor Olivia wasn't so poor after all who did she end up with? That sister  of Olivia....Noelle....well that's another story.  We find  that Olivia was coming home to Whiskey Creek for her sister Noelle's wedding, but wait...it's now what you think...for her sister is now pregnant by Olivia's ex-boy friend (Kyle) and guess what?  Since Olivia is a wedding planner her parents expect her to prepare the wedding for her sister. I couldn't in my mind understand their parents attitude about this.   Have you ever heard of such?  Would "you ask your own daughter to plan your other daughter's wedding after she seduced her ex fiancé? Really? And just to save money?"   Well if you keep reading "When We Touch" we find out even more about this bizarre family.  This is where
I say you must pick up the read...to find out what Kyle(the ex) has to say to Olivia and what  Miss Noelle is acting and saying when it is found out that Olivia is claiming to be dating Brandon who just happen to be  is Kyle's step brother. Now the story will go on and on and we find out that Kyle knows  he has messed up and just want to do the right thing and that is to marry Miss Noelle. What a sweet guy (ha ha).  We find out that Brandon had taken Olivia to her prom and had always liked her.  Now, the question to be asked and answered...Will those two (Oliver & Brandon) be able to come together with all of wedding stuff going on. There really seems to be a strong attraction that is  going on between
these two. "When We Touch" is definitely one novel of two sister...one sister  that was well...I will just stop here and let you read it for yourself and let you be the judge if she is a ?  Will their be a revelation about Noelle other than be spoiled?   We find out that she had even tried to date....OK, I will stop and let you get the book and read for  yourself who had to take a restringing order against her.  All in all I thought this was a good read and in the end did Olivia get a good man?

This author brings to us a very interesting read that will keep you turning the pages wanting to see just what was going to happen next in Whiskey Creek. Would I recommend this novella: "When We Touch?"  YES it was a good  read!


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