Come, By: Becca Jameson

Book Description...

"Katy Marks has worked hard for years to make partner at her law firm and be accepted in a man's world. She hasn't had much time for play. Now she has a stalker, one of the firm's partners who hopes to entice her to gain promotion by sleeping with him. Backed into a corner, she grabs an unexpected opportunity. She wards off his unwanted advances by plastering herself against the sexy man leaning casually against the wall outside her uncle's gym.

Rafe Wesson is stunned by one look at the sexy woman so totally out of place in the gym and finds himself flattened by his best friend and sparring partner. Scrambling to ensure he gets a chance to speak with her, he instead finds himself KO'd by a kiss that rocks his world and hardens him in all the right places.

Katy isn't Rafe's type. She's far too innocent. Besides, she's the gym owner's niece. But two dates don't dampen his desire or release her from his thoughts. Rafe has personal rules against sleeping with a woman before they are fully informed about his dominant ways. But Katy is testing his patience. She wants him, but he fears she won't be as persistent when she finds out about his preferred lifestyle.

Rafe tries to step away from her, but he can't ignore the unknown threat that stalks her, and time is running out. Someone wants Katy dead. And Rafe wants Katy...very much alive.

Title:  Come
Author:  Becca Jameson
Publisher:  Hartwood Publishing Group
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean                    
Rating: Five

"Come" by Becca Jameson

My Thoughts...

I guess Katy Marks who was a lawyer never new that from a kiss coming out of her uncle's gym place would get her involved with Rafe Walker who was a hot MMA fighter and also a Dom.  However, we find that Katy had other troubles and that was being stalked but by who? Was this someone from her past?  This author really presents a interesting plot where the reader will find out a lots about BDSM life where the characters are well developed, strong, smart individuals that live everyday life's.  Yes, this author really knows how to give the reader quite a image of foreplay that will keep you turning the pages.  So, if you are not into this BDSM then this read may not be for you. There will be a suspense to just who is stalking Kate and how well she seems to enjoy coming out of her shell to this new way of life with Rafe and definitely enjoying having him as her bodyguard.   By the end of this story I really enjoyed the interesting synopsis of the story. 


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