So Gone Over You By: Ms. T. Nicole

Book Description...

"This is not a Romeo and Juliet type of love...

Sasha is a college grad who thought she had it all, money, status, and love, until her high powered boyfriend, LaKeith, felt that he had enough of her ghetto ways. When LaKeith leaves her and marries someone who he thinks has more class, Sasha feels that she has to find her own way in life.

A night out with the girls may have been exactly what she needed to get her out of the depressed mood she was in but then she meets Donnell, a womanizing tattoo artist who she falls hard for. As the relationship develops, Sasha finds herself back in the same situation...depending on a man. The on and off relationship with Donnell becomes so toxic that Sasha feels that she has no choice but to run back home to Dover, DE.

Just as she starts to piece her life together, her past comes to haunt her future, causing her to almost miss out on the best thing she never had. Will she realize the one she always needed was always there before it's too late? Or will she be 'so gone' over the wrong one?"

Title:  So Gone Over You:  A Crazy Love Story
Author:  Ms. T. Nicole
Publisher:  Royalty Publishing House
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"So Gone Over You: A Crazy Love Story" by Ms. T. Nicole

My Thoughts...

Truly this author did not disappoint her readers because she gave us what she always give us ant that is a good read that will keep your attention to the last word and definitely leaving you speechless.  Be ready for a raw emotional read that will give you some very unhappy feelings as you are reading through this story.  All of the characters in 'So Gone Over You' from Sasha, LaKeith, Donnell, Morris, Jenna and Andrew to name a few were mostly all well developed, portrayed and very believable giving the reader quite a dramatic, interesting, and suspenseful story but I must say most of these people were way out there.  And at the end of this story we don't get a finish will have to wait for the next novel to get more of this 'crazy love story.'   Be ready for a little bit of it all where all of the secrets will start coming  out sooner or later ...remember this is a urban fiction read.


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