So Gone Over You 2: A Crazy Love Story part 2 By: Ms. T. Nicole

Book Description...

"After surviving a brutal rape and being shot, Sasha wakes up and finds herself in a hospital confused, and with a fuzzy memory of how she got there. As she struggles with trying to piece together what she thought was her life, she battles mentally with the demons of her past. An unexpected visit from her godfather makes Sasha realize that something terrible has happened. If he’s in town that can only me one thing: he’s out for blood and somebody is going to pay with their life.

Donnell finds himself in a real live fight for survival and must use his knowledge of his most hidden, deepest secret to find a way to escape so that he can finish what he started. Hell bent on revenge, he will do whatever it takes to find Sasha in order to end her life.
Although Sasha’s godfather is a bit overbearing for Andrew’s liking, Andrew respects the way he makes his moves. But his constant threats on Andrew’s life and questioning of his ability to keep Sasha safe is testing Andrew’s patience and manhood. Andrew, distracted by the things going on around him, finds himself standing down and allowing Sasha’s godfather to take over. Helping Sasha recover is Andrew’s top priority, falling for Sasha is not. But fighting his feelings for her seems to be a losing battle.

Who is Sasha’s godfather? Will Donnell find a way to get his revenge on Sasha? Can Andrew really keep Sasha safe, or does his feelings for her cause him to make the ultimate mistake? Find out the answers to those questions plus more as Sasha continues tell her story in So Gone over You: A Crazy Love Story part 2."

Title:  So Gone Over You 2: A Crazy Love Story part 2
Author:  Ms. T. Nicole
Publisher:  Royalty Publishing House 
Series:  Book 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

"So Gone Over You 2: A Crazy Love Story part 2." by Ms. T. Nicole

My Thoughts....

"So Gone Over You 2" picks up where the first novel leaves off...more drama. This will definitely have you thinking what in the world is going on in this crazy love dramatic story.  Really is everybody crazy?  The main question I asked was what was it about Sasha that the 'men were so crazy over her'  from LaKeith, Donnell, Morris & Andrew?  Now that some other characters are in the story [Pharaoh, Eric & Bishop...'the Conway men'] will they be able to protect Sasha since it seems like Andrew hasn't been able to achieve this. Will there be a trap set for Donnell? What about that secret that Donnell had..with Slick?   After all is said and done will Sasha finally see herself differently and be able to change her  ways before it is too late?  Well, I guess we better get ready for more drama because Bischop Thurston is out of prison so Lord help us because I am sure things are going to really get even more interesting in this next crazy love story.


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