I Wish I Could Remember You By: L. J. Epps

Book Description....

"A story of enduring love as romance goes all wrong and Emily Montgomery struggles to rebuild her life after a terrible accident changes everything.

Emily wants romance in her life—the kind of romance that leads to a perfect marriage. She dreams of having a husband who loves her and treats her with respect, someone she can spend the rest of her life with. She meets—and marries—Steven Montgomery, hoping he will make all of those things come true.
Everything is wonderful, at first; until things start to slowly change. Steven begins to mentally, verbally, and physically abuse Emily. Through it all, Emily tries to be the best wife she can be.
Finally, after so much devastation, Emily leaves Steven, files for divorce, and moves on with her life. Her sister, Monica, introduces her to a wonderful man named Robert. Emily falls in love with him. He is kind, gentle and sweet—all things now missing from her marriage. She is happy, in love again, and well on her way to divorcing Steven.
But, Steven doesn’t want the divorce; and, since he is a savvy lawyer, he tries everything to prevent it. Although Emily still has residual feelings for Steven, she knows that it could never work between them. She wants to move on with the new love of her life, Robert.
After a horrific accident, Emily can no longer remember Robert and all the things he has meant to her, and she can no longer remember all the horrific things Steven has done to her.
Emily has two men professing their love for her. She is confused; she doesn’t know where she belongs or who she should be with. And, she has a hard time deciding who to choose. Emily is being pulled in several different directions by her loved ones. They all mean well, but only Emily knows how she truly feels. She has to decide, on her own, what to do.
All Emily wants is to start over, but that isn’t so easy, since everything in her world is broken, and she isn’t sure how to fix it. All Emily wants is to be happy, healthy, and whole again, but that may not be in the cards for her, either.

Title: I Wish I Could Remember You
Author: L. J. Epps
Publisher: L.J.E.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"I Wish I Could Remember You" by L. J. Epps

My Thoughts....

I found "I Wish I Could Remember You" a interesting amnesia read. The author gives the reader quite a read that deals mainly with three main characters....Emily, Stephen and Robert all being somewhat 'vivid and complexed.' For Emily will she be able to have the kind of marriage with happiness after her devastation with Stephen now that Robert is in the picture? Only after a terrible accident that involves Emily's memory we see this story will take the reader on quite a ride in getting her to a HEA. Who will truly be their for Emily in the end ...Stephen or Robert? Well, this is where I say you will have to pick up this good read to see for yourself how well this author brings it out to the readers. This will be a long read but after all is said and done a good one that in the end will give you a satisfied detailed read.


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