Unequally Yoked: The Pleasure of Sin For A Season By: Denise Cooke-Godfey

Book Description...

"When we open ourselves up to sexual sin at a young age, do we also open a Pandora's Box filled with pain and emotional baggage that could affect our adult life? This Novella is a compelling story of influence, choices, consequences, and the offer of redemption that some receive and others reject.

The book also provides a separate Bible study guide that can be used for individual or group studies. Quote provided by best-selling Author Michelle Stimpson."

Title:  Unequally Yoked
Author:  Denise Cook-Godfrey
Publisher: D.C.G.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Unequally Yoked: The Pleasure of Sin Lasts For A Season" by Demise Cook-Godfrey

My Thoughts....

The author did a wonderful job in her deliverance of 'Unequally Yoked' to the readers. There were
so many times in the read that my heart went out for poor 'lost' Christine.  I can't imagine growing up in a loveless home and not being able to talk with my mother, father, sister, brothers, friends[no girlfriends]...teachers...etc.as it was for Christine.  It seemed like every one in Christine's family had some sort of problem.  Christine seemed to attract bullies [from school]on the daily scene.   Definitely Christine needed someone to talk and listen to her. Christine definitely missed her late grandmother's teachings about Lord for she had truly been their for her.  With Christine seeking her all in all with boyfriends that were there for one reason only. When it seems like she finally meets someone in the church to  finally showing  her true love knowing all she had been through, who was a minister, but as it turns out  he wasn't really listening to her at all...therefore, things went south too due to the fact they were so 'unequally yoked.' I liked how this author brings out the subject on sex and how it has been dealt with so often in the church's.  This novel was definitely not only a good read but one amazing, enlightening and inspiring read offering encouragement to lead one to Christ in the end.  I did also enjoy "the book providing a separate Bible study guide and the quote provided by best-selling Author Michelle Stimpson.  Would I recommend "Unequally Yoked?"....YES!


  1. I really enjoyed your novel. May it be a blessing to all!


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