Retribution: What Goes Around.... By: NyRee Ausler

Book Description...

"Asaya Buchanan is the girl next door; smart, talented and beautiful. She married her first love, had a son and has the type of lifestyle every girl dreams of.

But everything that glitters ain't gold. Asaya soon realizes that her husband, James is not the one-woman man she thought he was. Her childhood friend, Rey, may be exactly what she needs for a fresh start.

When the circumstances push her back against the wall, she has no choice but to come out swinging. Asaya makes a move that will leave her family and friends in disbelief!

In this tale of love, betrayal and murder, only the strong will survive. When the smoke clears you will be astonished at who is left standing."

Title:  Retribution
Author:  NyRee Ausler
Publisher:  Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Series:  Volume 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Retribution" by NyRee Ausler

My Thoughts...

This read will definitely intriguing keeping you turning the pages to see what will happen next on this roller coaster ride in Seattle.  The author gives the reader quite a well written suspenseful urban story that is laced with some many twist and turns that flowed so well in the telling of the story.  Many times when you think you have it figured out how the story is going, then something else will pop up leaving you to say I didn't see that coming that what a surprise!  The characters from Asaya, James, Tonya to Rey were all  very complexed and flawed people in some way or another  except for the mother in law and child.  Be ready for a story is presented with a 'love triangle, murders and betrayals' and I found through reading this story that almost each of the main characters  had  a story of their own to tell.  Definitely the title was very appropriate for this novel "Retribution: What Goes Around."  All I can say is "expect the unexpected" because it looks like it's not over for Asaya  and James because we will get more from the next series by this author in "Retribution: ....Comes Around."  Would I recommend this novel?  Yes!


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