Alone By: M. J. Kane

Book Description....

"When Derrick’s brother drives the family business into bankruptcy, Derrick is left without a job and only one choice: start over. With a new job waiting in Atlanta, the only other thing he’s looking for is a woman who’s willing to fit his no-strings-attached relationship policy. But then he runs into Kelli, a woman with a smart mouth who challenges him in every way. She’d be perfect … if it weren’t for the fact she had kids. Shortly after giving birth to her son, Kelli’s husband announced that he wanted a divorce. Forced to move in with her newlywed sister, Kelli is faced with raising two young children on her own, finding affordable housing, and landing a job that will pay her bills. The last thing she needs or wants is a man in her life. But when her brother-in-law’s best friend shows up for dinner, it’s impossible to ignore the sexual attraction. Fate and finances have another plan, though, forcing Derrick and Kelli into living under the same roof. Despite their differences, Derrick finds himself breaking his own relationship rules. But as his luck would have it, just when he thinks he’s ready to make a commitment, tragedy strikes close to home and, with it, issues from his past that force him to risk it all.

Title:  Alone
Author:  M. J. Kane
Publisher:  Prince Publishing
Series:  The Butterfly Memories # 5
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Alone" by M. J. Kane

My Thoughts....

I like this love story that featured Derrick ad Keli.  Truly these two had some hurdles before they come get their HEA but it was worth it.  The author did a wonderful job with its characters where you were able to see their 'joy, pain, love and even commitment' in getting to a wonderful understanding that they belonged together.  This was a well written story by this author.  


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