Everything You Need You Have: How to Be at Home in Your Self By: Gerad Kite

Book Description....

"In this inspiring, revelatory book, Kite shows us how to look at things from a different perspective, and to uncover the truth: that everything we need to be happy and well, we already have inside. Drawing on the principles of ancient Chinese philosophy and his extensive experience of helping people of all ages and from all walks of life, Kite offers a route to a state of being that is authentic, expansive and liberating."

Title:  Everything You Need You Have
Author:  Gerad Kite
Publisher:  Harmony
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:   Four

"Everything You Need You Have:  How to Be at Home in Your Self" by Gerad Kite

My Thoughts....

This read will give you much food for thought in trying to learn 'How to Be at Home in Your Self.'  I will say the read was of interest to me in learning how to be happy with just being myself.  I will say I did have to reread several portions of the read before I was able to continue on understanding  a little more [I think] of  just what this author was trying to get over to the reader. I did like and seem to understand the 'Law of the Five Elements' along with many of the case studies that were presented.  If I can find the 'secret, peaceful, permanent place inside myself' and find happiness as well would be simply a joy for me. I may not understand it all but with the ten steps that are described in this read will help give one the secret of it all and learning that in the end knowing that one already has it  all in just being [me].  I did love this how this author brings it all out that certain things like 'therapy, meditation...traveling the world' just may not make one truly happy but in the end just being happy with just who you are.  As the author says..."The Answer is already inside you." I thought this was a good 'self help' read [taking it step by step]that will definitely give you a different way of thinking. This novel will keep your attention learning so much about your in "Everything You Need You Have: [and in the end]  How to Be at Home in Your Self."


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