Lonely This Christmas By: Faith Bleasdale

Book Description....

"Emily Smith has always loved Christmas.

Growing up, her family didn’t have much but they always made their family Christmas special.

Emily’s gran had been at the heart of their festive celebrations, and it all started with getting the right Christmas tree.

Now, age thirty, Emily is hosting her own Christmas for the first time.

And she is determined that everything will be just perfect.

Her fiancée Toby Neill, a successful fund manager, has just bought them a house in Surrey.

And he plans to announce their wedding plans to his whole family over Christmas dinner.

But work commitments have taken to Toby to New York, and he won’t be back until two days before the big day.

So, as well as overseeing the work on the house, and juggling a full-time PR job, Emily has to sort out Christmas on her own.

Armed with extensive spreadsheets and detailed lists Emily gets to work.

And, of course, as the countdown to Christmas begins, the first on her list is the perfect Christmas tree.

At the local tree farm she meets Will, who shares her passion for the festive season.

He helps her kit out the house, and becomes someone to confide in as she becomes increasingly lonely while Toby is away.

When Toby starts not turning up to their Skype dates, Emily starts to feel more and more isolated.

Can she still manage to create the perfect Christmas?

Will Toby be back in time to share it with her?

And can she find someone who will stop her feeling Lonely this Christmas?"

Title:  Lonely This Christmas
Author:  Faith Bleasdale
Publisher:  Endeavour Press
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Lonely This Christmas" by Faith Bleasdale

My Thoughts....

This was a sweet and yet maybe  not so sweet of a story for Emily who thought she had her life all ready for her fiancee [Toby] return home, with a new home and plans to set a wedding date.  However, things do change when Emily receives a email from her fiancee  But maybe all is not loss since she has met a 'friend'[Will] that seems to know what Christmas is all about and maybe even what Emily really needed in her life.  Indeed this was a 'fast paced' read  that will give you food for thought long after the read.  


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