Secrets She Keeps By: Amarie Avant

Book Description....

"Dangerous connections and deadly roots...

All twenty-seven-year-old Reese Dunham wants is to focus on creating a successful boutique bakery that her sordid past can't destroy. But with secret connections tied so intricately to her family's history, she may never escape the reality of her life.
When she encounters Italian LAPD narcotics detective, Evan Zaccaro, their chemistry is undeniable, but he represents everything that she wants to forget. As the web of deceit and betrayal engulf them, Evan and Reese are entangled in a perilous trap that unearths their past and threatens their future. Suddenly, with her enemies closer than she ever realized, Reese becomes a pawn in a deadly game. But who is on her side?"

Title:  Secrets She Keeps
Author:  Amarie Avant
Publisher:   Prism Heart Press
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Secrets She Keeps"  by Amaie Avant

My Thoughts....

Who would have thought as Reese Dunham is visiting her friend at a dive bar she would encounter the likes of a 'druggie' Riker when Detective Evan [Tino] Zaccarro[undercover cop & alpha] notices that someone [Riker] has slipped a mickey in her drink?  Now, what will come of this will definitely keep your attention as you read through this well written story that had lots of drama.  What will this bakery owner do as Evan [the man in a suit] comes to her rescue? There will be a lots of secrets and lies that are interwoven into this read of many twist and turns. I loved how this author brings it all out to the reader as one will see from the read these are 'true soulmates' but will they be able to get to their HEA when all comes out? I found most of the characters [Reese, Evan, Jamie, Sandra, Tony, Lolita, Riker,Tyrone, Milo, Salvatore] to name a few were a rather colorful group...but Reese's mom Lolita was another story with all of her selfishness that was off the chart...horrible.  I did find the read slow starting but yet very intriguing that does pick up its pace giving the reader a little bit of it all from 'dirty cop with ties to the mob, crazy mom, biker gang, the Russian Mob to Italian Mob' taking the reader to a real interesting ride. As the explosive secrets and lies start coming out and I don't want to leave out the hot steamy sex that this author is well noted for having in her well told stories, and in the end the reader does receive a completed well plotted story of a good suspenseful mystery romance.  Would I recommend?  YES!


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