Shambala Junction By: Dipika Mukherjee

Book Description....

"Iris, an American, is visiting India for the first time with her fiancé and not enjoying the trip. When she steps down from the train at Shambala Junction to buy a bottle of water, little does she know that her life will radically change. Stranded at the small town, she becomes involved in a local stall-holder’s battle to recover a lost child – one which is about to be sold to a rich Westerner.
Along the way, she discovers not only herself – but also friendship, courage and a love of India."

Title:  Shambala Junction
Author:  Dipika Mukherjee
Publisher:  Aurora Metro Press
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Shambala Junction" by Dipika Mukherjee

My Thoughts....

I rather enjoyed "Shambala Junction" that dealt with a real life issue of 'international adoption.'  This story had some real interesting characters from Iris, Danesh, Aman, Laila, Lilavati, Roop, Maitri, Dhiman, Orphanage Madam, Vidyut, Emily, Shabnam, Piya, Kiku, Lakshmy, Zoran to a maybe few others giving this story plot one heck of a  very interesting 'journey.  We find that Iris and Danesh from the U.S. were on a trip to India but Iris gets off the train in 'Shambala Junction' and that transportation later pulls off without her and that is where this story will pick up. Iris is now alone in India and comes into contact with Aman's cart and that is where this story starts where her life is about to take a 'radical change.' The reader will be told a story that will keep your attention all the way to the end.  We find two people that were engaged, a father that makes a horrible decision only to want to take it back but it may be too late, a Canadian in there in India wanting to adopt a Indian baby girl, corruption going on with a baby that is seemed to be wanted by two people, as the story goes on will a engagement be broken and in the end will  one of these characters get a better sense of what she wants to do with her life?  Now, there will be a lots going on and you will have to keep up with it all but by the end of the story you will definitely get a real idea of what can go on in 'complex issues of adoption ion India' [trafficked babies/illegal adoptions].  There will be several story lines in this story one of a 'redemption and the pursuit of justice for the baby Piya,' a new love story and at the end a young woman maybe finding out about what she really wants in her life...from finding new friendships and what really counts as she grows to love the country there in Shambala Junction.

This story was wonderfully written with such adventures, cultures and also a good descriptions of this country in India..."Shambala Junction.'   By the end of the story we find something going on as Iris is on her way to the airport going home, with another little girl that maybe dealing with 'children's rights.'  So, I guess we may be in for another read with Iris by this author.   Would I recommend this read?  YES!


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