Undisclosed Desire: The Tycoon's Heart by Falon Gold

Book Description....

"Meet Apollo and Malisa, employer and employee who've been waiting for the other to make the first move... from the heart. Tired of waiting and unwilling to take the first step down the path that her heart is determined to lead her down, and maybe lose an exceptional job under an exceptional man if he doesn't feel the same, Malisa flies away on vacation to Vegas, needing a drastic change and major overhaul in her world. She'll get exactly what she wants and some things that she doesn't when Apollo decides he needs a vacation in Vegas as well.
A sweet love story that becomes drama-filled when two hearts realize just how much they don't really know each other... or their families."

Title: Undisclosed Desire: The Tycoon's Heart
Author: Falon Gold
Publisher: Nayberry Publications
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Undisclosed Desire: The Tycoon's Heart" by Falon Gold

My Thoughts...

I found this novel rather a sweet predictable romance and definitely a read that will put a smile on your face as you are reading through it. Truly Apollo [the boss] and Malisa [the employee] were truly made for each other. What happens when the overworked Malisa who has been overworked and needing a vacation decides to take one to Vegas. However, to Malisa's surprise when she gets there who will she find their in Vegas at the casino? Will these two find love? Well, before all of that can be answered the story will take quite a turn as Malisa leaves Vegas upset to visit her parents in Colorado and it seems like all hell seems to break loose. What will happen when not only Apollo shows up but a friend [Derek] comes to visit Malisa's parents? What was up with Malisa's adoptive brother [Blake] with all of his strangeness and I don't want to leave out the rest of that family? There are still a lots of questions that need to be answered but to find out you will have to pick up "Undisclosed Desire: The Tycoon's Heart" to see how well this author will bring it all out to the reader. It will be a 'sweet love story' that has a lots of drama but in the end...well again you will have to read to see if Apollo and Malisa will finally get their HEA. I felt by the end of the story it ended rather abruptly but all in all it was still a sweet romantic read.

Thank you to the author for the gift of the read for my honest opinion. 


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