Edge Of Winter: Love and Heartbreak By Theresa Hodges

Book Description....

"The Christmas season is a wonderful time for weddings and the big day has finally arrived for Lakeisha. White snowflakes are falling gently as sweet music drifts through the cold wintry air. Lakeisha and Baylor are having the most perfect wedding of the year. Friends and family are full of cheer, but behind all the good cheer some fireworks must fall.

Jesse Winters watches the woman he loves marry another man. While everyone else oohs and ahhs at the lovely couple, Jesse broods inside as he watches his happiness slip away before his very eyes.

Will Jesse stay on the outside looking in at the woman he loves be blissfully happy with another man or will his wish for Christmas be answered in an unexpected way?
Come along on this Christmas romance, where love can be found in the most unexpected places.

1. This is a *complete* 35,000 word standalone holiday romance novel with a happily ever after.
2. I've included a FREE gift copy of A PIECE OF SUNDAY’S SOUL in the back as a bonus. Therefore, EDGE OF WINTER will end at approximately 45%."

Title: Edge of Winter
Author: Theresa Hodge
Publisher: Nayberry Publications
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Edge Of Winter: Love and Heartbreak" by Theresa Hodge

My Thoughts...

On the first go away Lakeisha's and Baylor wedding didn't turn out well. But there was someone waiting in the wings that would do right by Lakeisha. I found "Edge of Winter: Love and Heartbreak" a good read because the ending was a good HEA. Now I know I have probably said too much but it is definitely worth the read to see how Lakeisha gets there and this second Christmas holiday wedding really puts the icing on the cake. This author did a wonderful job in the setting and description of both weddings. That dress was off the chart beautiful. So, yes I would definitely recommend this novel as a good Christmas romance, even though for Lakeisha had it done twice for her to finally get it right. 


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