My Guy Friday: He Only Plays for Me by Deidra D.S. Green

Book Description....

"“He strummed me and I let him play…”
She met him on a Friday. He stole her heart.
Elon James was everything Justice Monroe could ever want in a man. She was a poet. He a musician. The connection between the two was the stuff of legends; more than physical, more than mental, their relationship was unequivocal. They should have lived happily ever after, but circumstances wouldn’t allow for such a cliché ending. Hard choices and heart break would determine their fate. Justice fell in love with one man but married another.
But what of true love, soul stirring love? Could real love truly win in the end?
Find out in, My Guy Friday, He only plays for me…"

Title:  My Guy Friday:  The Only Plays For Me
Author:  Deidra D.S. Green 
Publisher:  Rathsi Publishing Company
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"My Guy Friday:  He Only Plays For Me" by Deidra D. S. Green

My Thoughts....

What happens when the poet meets the musician?  Well for these two Justice and Elon it was magical in the way they felt about each other right from the start their meeting.  Then throw a Zachariah [Zach] into this picture [a childhood person she payed not attention too] and then there will be twist and turns for Justice due to the help of a mom and her best friend [Ms Cassandra]. What all will these moms do in order to bring these two together?  I felt the story was unique in how this author tells the story so well giving the reader [lots of  'action, love tears and fear'] to this story and I don't want to leave out all of the lovely poetry that Justice presented throughout this novel. This poetry was simply beautiful done and  I loved the friendship that Justice had with her two best friends[Alise & Dorian] and the time they all spent together was beautifully displayed. This is definitely what true friendship is all about!  Now, we have a single lady having to make up her mind about two men in her life that were definitely opposites. How will this drama unfold?  Well, this is where I say you will have to pick up this good read and see for yourself how this will all turn out.  Be prepared to be a little shocked at its ending however, after thinking over the story I could see why Justice decided what was best her her. Will Justice finally get her 'Guy Friday?'    


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