Briuna's Babysitting Blues By: Niki Jilvontae

Book Description....

"Briuna’s Babysitting Blues brings to life the tale of one girl as she sets out to babysit two boys in her neighborhood. In this book anything that can go wrong will, and Briuna will find herself wondering why she ever agreed to be a babysitter. Come along on this wild thrill ride and find out about Briuna’s Babysitting Blues as she tries to care for the Terrible Two!"

Title: Briuna's Babysitting Blues
Author: Niki Jilvontae
Publisher: Pen Hustlas Publication
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Briuna's Babysitting Blues" by Niki Jilvontae

My Thoughts....

I liked this cute children's read about Briuna's babysitting where she found out that those 'Terrible Two' were quite a job for her. The illustrations were so cute that went so very well with Briuna's babysitting story. What all will happen with these sweet little boys? She had 'video games, pool tale, go-kart and unlimited food.' What more could she asked for? Oh, Briuna even got the fee she had asked for. However, poor Briuna goes from getting her finger cut, to a hug where she couldn't move her head...she had no phone...things tumbled off shelves...noises were heard where she slips on a can...cabinets are found opened and food spreaded all around the floor. Then the washer seems to spit out bubbles into the hallway where she slips and falls into the wall. What else could go wrong for poor Briuna? Well a ceiling fan seems to be out of control and even the dog will get into the show by flipping the table over and breaking a bowl. Poor Briuna now feels so defeated so she tells the 'Terrible Two' they had won. I liked how the 'terrible two' did finally help Briuna...poor thing being so tired she had gone to sleep by the time the parents had arrived. That did make me wonder who was watching the 'terrible two?' The poor thing was so glad the parents were back that she wasn't even concerned about being paid but one thing for sure I don't think the 'Terrible Two' will ever see Briuna again. Truly she had survived these 'Terrible Two' and vowed never to babysit again.
Sweet story that this author dedicated this novel to her children. I also like the games that were included at the end of the read. The only thing that I thought was missing was a answer sheet [smile]. 


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