Back From Broken....A Dancers Journey Back To Wholeness By: Rosheka Henry

About The Book

"BACK FROM BROKEN" is the story of one woman’s journey back to wholeness. It is one woman’s pursuit to getting rid of what was holding her back from being who God has called her to be. This story will give you the heartbreak and bitterness that one holds onto but decides to let go of so that Wholeness can begin.

This book will enlightened you, teach you what you need to know and empower you, and equip you with the tools that you need in order to walk in your wholeness, the last thing that I hope that this book can do for you is to impact you.

Title:  Back From Broken...A Dancers Journey Back To Wholeness
Author:  Rosheka Henry
Publisher:  JNF Enterprises
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Back From Broken...A Dancers Journey Back to Wholeness" by Rosheka Henry

My Thoughts.....

Wow, this was simply one wonderful Christian non-fiction read giving the readers ten
this author comes "Back From Broken."

This is just a few notes of what I received from these wonderful well written chapters...

Chapter 1:  Let the church say "Amen"...Growing up especially in church can be hurtful in so many different ways as it was presented in this chapter.  So many of us are stuck and hurting.  Why is that?

Chapter 2:  Crippled by Religion.... I like this quote:  "If you think that there's something wrong with what is going on, whether is be in your church in your home, or on your job, ask questions and don't just accept anything that someone tells us.

Chapter 3:  Identity Crisis In The Church....Do one really know who they really in knowing what they are supposed to be doing in or for the Kingdom?  Do many of us really know or understand what God wants for us in our life?

Chapter 4:  The Prodigal Daughter:  This is very much like The Prodigal Son...We learn of her story.
I found this quite a!  Above all ... "Despite the mistakes, despite the wrong choices, he still loves me and he still loves you."  I loved this!   The author goes on to say "This book was not for me but it was for those of you who maybe going through any of the situations that I talk about her and It helps you get out of it or not get into it. I want you to be better and not have to go through the same hurt, anger and bitterness that I went through.  Through all the frustrations and all the hurt I still smile and I am still standing."

Chapter 5:  Warriors of Praise...Dancing A New Dance...Being asked to do some praise dancing.  How will this turn out?   This was quite a road travel but after  following the suggestion....start all over at the beginning..."Take Me To the King"  was a success as presented for the Pastor's Anniversary.

Chapter 6:  When Brokenness Goes Unnoticed Church Hurt..."YOU CANNOT GET TO WHOLENESS WITHOUT FORGIVENESS!!!...I loved this,..I forgive you...I forgive you....I forgive you. When you can forgive yourself you can begin to get back from broken." "When  you begin to forgive you will put yourself in a place where you can move forward and you not longer suffer from the church hurt that once held you back from getting to your wholeness."

Chapter 7:  Bitterness...The Black Hole..."Bitterness a a black hole that can keep you from growing spiritually." Now what does that mean?  Learning to LET IT GO!'

Chapter 8:  Finding Healing In Forgiveness....Learning to say:  I FORGIVE YOU, I FORGIVE YOU, I FORGIVE YOU!!!  Three most important words anyone can say.  "Being set free from the bondage of unforgiveness."

Chapter 9: Redefining The Woman Inside...Being able to changing the way that one thinks and the way one see things.  This is so powerful!  "Redefining and understanding ones relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."  Not letting anyone "DEFINE THE PERSON INSIDE BUT GOD!"

Chapter 10:  Back From Broken...You are working with the person you were before you were broken.
Know that there will be still test from the enemy but know that your God is there for you at all times. Have your prayer warriors in place because you will need them.  "When you can forgive someone ad truly mean it, that's being back from broken."When mistakes are made it is wonderful knowing that you can dust yourself off and get back up and keep moving."

This was a wonderfully written book that gives one a 'story of one woman's journey back to wholeness.' The novel is presented to help all 'get up and move forward moving to the rightful place of greatness.'  To know if one finds themselves slipping all you have to do is pick up the wonderful read "Back From Broken" and reread it until you feel your strength coming back again.'  Please pick up this excellent read and see for yourself how well this novel is being presented.  You will not be sorry because the read is so enlightened in all that is given being so very well written for anyone who wants to come back to wholeness after being broken.

To the author... thank you so much for the gift of your novel and allowing me to give my honest opinion of  'Back From Broken.'    


  1. Thank you so much Arlena for your honest feedback. I am humbled to have you read and review my book. It was written with my heart, and I'm so blessed to be able to share my story. Rosheka Henry


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