Wagon Train Cinderella By Shirley Kennedy

Book Description...

"Love can lead you out of the wilderness…

1851, Overland Trail to California. As a baby, Callie was left on the doorstep of an isolated farmhouse in Tennessee. The Whitaker family took her in, but have always considered her more a servant than a daughter. Scorned by her two stepsisters, Callie is forced to work long hours and denied an education. But a new world opens to her when the Whitakers join a wagon train to California—guided by rugged Indian, Luke McGraw…

A loner, haunted by a painful past, Luke plans to return to the wilderness once his work is done. But he can’t help noticing how poorly Callie is treated—or how unaware she is of her beauty and intelligence. As the two become closer over the long trek west, Callie’s confidence grows. And when disaster strikes, Callie emerges as the strong one—and the woman Luke may find the courage to love at last…"

Title:  Wagon Train Cinderella
Author:  Shirley Kennedy
Publisher:  Kensington Books
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5

"Wagon Train Cinderella" by Shirley Kennedy

What I enjoyed from this read...

This was definitely one of those 'Cinderella Fairy Tales' that really was very similar to the original story only a different spin on it.  This Cinderella is on her way to California on the Overland Trail.

This Whitaker family were some horrible people and t I liked how this author was able to bring into Callie's life some very interesting people like (Luke and Florida) to mention a few that indeed did aid her on this wagon train journey to California.  I loved how this author gets Callie  to open her  eyes as she begins to see life very differently than she had ever seen it.  There will be lessons learned, friendship made  and even some forgiveness.  I was sorry to see that Callie who was step person in this Whitaker family was not able to get the forgiveness from one special person who had put her through so much.  Now, who was that?  Well, you will have to pick up this well written read to see for yourself just who that was.  There will be a lots of twist and turns in the good and bad  in this read and the readers attention will be their front and center turning the pages to see what will be coming next in this enlightening as well as entertaining read.   Truly, in the end it will be  good to see how this all turns out and if  this 'Cinderella.gets  her Prince Charming.'


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