Catchin' Feeling for A Married Man 2 By: LaQuita Cameron

Book Description:

"Kara’s finally got her man Jazz where she wants him to be. She attempts to trap Jazz with pregnancy. But will it work?

Zenayia is taking Jazz to the bank and back! Their divorce is pending and he’s separated from her to live his new life claiming he needs to find himself. Well Zen has other plans for Jazz, as she plans to destroy everything he’s built.

Jazz is almost about to lose his wife, and two best friends, all while his dreams of building a successful car dealership franchise face interference. And he's dealing with two unplanned pregnancies!

Damon gets what’s coming to him after betraying Jazz and Zen. His wife Jennifer has confessions of her own that could potentially destroy their marriage. His feelings for Zen blind him from her wicked truths. …Now that everyone is caught in their feelings, NO ONE CAN BE TRUSTED!"

Title:  Catchin' Feelings For A Married Man 2
Author:  LaQuita Cameron
Publisher:  Cole Hart Presents
Series:  Book 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: four

"Catchin' Feelings For A Married Man 2 by LaQuita Cameron

What I liked about this novel..

This was another continuance that was full of another dramatic emotional  ride.  These characters are still all quite a interesting bunch that are full of lies and more lies.  Who in the world can be trusted ...Kara, Jazz, Zen, Damon. Jennifer, or Vicky?   I would definitely suggest you read this authors first book 1 because if you don't you will find yourself wondering what in the world has gone on to cause all of this.  So, if you are looking for more drama, lies, deceit, secrets and twist and turns the reader is at the right place because this read will give it to you and more. By the end of this novel the reader is left wondering just who is playing who?   Hopefully in Book 3 we will get the rest of this story.


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