A Bird in the Hand By Dane McCaslin

Book Description....

"Take two British expats, transplant them to upstate New York where the local HOA is worshipped and neighbors spy on each other for fun, and you have the makings of murder gone amok.

Caro Layton-Browning, an accomplished writer of mysteries, never imagined she would unwittingly stumble into a series of real-life murders good enough to be in her own books. But when the Cat Lady next door, who Caro is convinced is out to make life miserable for her, is found dead among her feline collection, Caro finds herself in trouble far more dangerous than her neighborhood HOA has ever dished out before. Suddenly she and her professor hubby, Gregory, find themselves on the trail of a murderer far more sinister than Caro's imagination could conjure up.

As the bodies begin to pile up in picturesque Seneca Meadows, Caro sees the possibility of a plot for her newest book, and the killer sees someone who needs to be moved out of the way…permanently."

Title:  A Bird In The Hand
Author:  Dane McCaslin
Publisher:  Gemma Halliday  Publishing
Series:  Proverbial Crime # 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"A Bird In The Hand" by Dane McCaslin

My Thoughts...

I found this story quite a entertaining mystery writer/amateur sleuth which involved Caroline and her husband Gregory[the attorney] and let's not leave out their funny dog Trixie.  This story will involve many incidents that will have you laughing. What will happen when this team becomes involved with these murders?  This author will keep the reader trying to figure out who is behind all of these killings as we find Caro a mystery writer and housewife [clumsy] comes upon a murder that leads to several more.  It will be interesting to see how this plays into Caroline's investigations that secrets will come out about some neighbors[HOA] and  politicians that will get her into danger.  You will be drawn into the relationship [the bantering] between the two main characters...Caroline and her husband Gregory. What will happen when Caroline decides to help the police?

 Be ready for a story with a cozy mystery, suspense, romance, twist and turns that seemed to be all over the place, however it will keep your attention.  Oh let's not forget about those baked goods[pastries]! Yummy! To find out what all this is about you will have to pick up the novel and see how this author presents it all to the reader.  Will you be able to learn who the guilty person was before the end?  I DID!  Oh well, it was still a  thought-provoking read.

I received this book from NOR for an honest review.


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