Earned by the Billionaire: A Sweet BWWM Romance By: Shani Greene-Dowdell

Book Description....

"I won’t settle for love. Love isn’t enough. 
Standing in front of a classy boutique, I’m window shopping for a sexy black dress. I’m in search of the perfect “single again” gift to somehow, some way, make me forget the last year ever happened. From this day forward, it’s all about me. I will no longer give myself away to a man that doesn’t appreciate me. I intend to enjoy this newfound freedom to the fullest. My favorite earring slipping from my ear shatters that wish. When I turn around to find handsome, elegantly dressed, Rusty von Strauss holding my favorite piece of jewelry in his hand, my constitution slowly slips away. Looking into his ocean blue eyes, I immediately know that Rusty is a one-man wrecking crew. He finds his way in, breaks down my walls, and makes me believe in magic again. But, will his biggest secret ruin all the love we’ve made? ~Kayla

Everything was going great. Until I fell for her.
A stray piece of jewelry lying on the ground gives me a unique opportunity. It’s ridiculously presumptuous of me, but I have to find out if she’ll, at least, have a cup of coffee with me. The view from behind her is impeccable, but I wait patiently to get a full glimpse of the beauty that accompanies her lusciously long, ebony legs. When Kayla Johnson faces me, I’m in awe of the way her beauty strikes me. But that's all it is—a fleeting feeling. Right? Nothing that will last past that coffee, dinner, and an all-nighter at my penthouse. After losing my one true love, I made an oath to never love again. My resolve is stronger than ever. I refuse to fall into the trap of that L-thing. Giving my heart away yields consequences I’m not willing to pay. If all of this is true, then why does the thought of never holding Kayla in my arms rattle my core? ~ Rusty

Expect a sexy, sweet standalone romance that tugs at your heartstrings in Earned by the Billionaire by Shani Greene-Dowdell, Amazon Bestselling Author of Breathless: In Love with an Alpha Billionaire."

Title: Earned by the Billionaire: A Sweet BWWM Romance
Author: Shani Greene-Dowdell
Publisher: S.G.D.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rate: Five

"Earned by the Billionaire: A Sweet BWWM Romance by Shani Greene-Dowdell

My Thoughts.....

I liked this story! This author did a wonderful joy with giving the readers a story that begins with
how Kayla was feed up with her boyfriend that wasn't giving her what she wanted and ending it. I was glad to see her get out of that situation and meeting Rusty the billionaire was just the icing on the cake for her. But was it? I will say as I was reading this novel I thought it was somewhat predictable, however as I kept reading I did find it somewhat different with some twist and turns that this author gives the reader that made the read somewhat different from my previous thoughts about the read. I would like to explain more but I don't want to give away too much! All I will say is that this was very well done by the author!

Now, I will have to say that communication was definitely needed and was lacking that did bring about some major problems however, it seems like in the end ... well, I will stop here and say I don't want to give it all away but just tell the reader to pick up the good read for a sweet beautiful story of Kayal and Rusty. Truly Rusty had quite a story about what had happen earlier in his life that was indeed sad. However, will Kayla be able forgive Rusty in the end for not sharing with her about his situation? Will Kayal and Rusty be able to move on and find their HEA in the end? This was definitely one of those reads that was about 'life, faith, hope, tragedy, trust, death and love' that will keep your turning the pages till the captivating end. The characters from Kayla, Pam, Ju, Helen, Rusty, Cassandra and Paula to name a few gives the novel quite some storyline being well developed, portrayed and in the end one good interesting read. Another reason I enjoyed this read was that it is a standalone read.


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