A Patchwork Christmas Collection

Author: Judith Miller, Nancy Moser & Stephanie Whitson
Published By: Barbour Books
Age Recommended:  YA
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5
"A Patchwork Christmas Collection" by Judith Miller, Nancy Moser and Stephanie
Grace Whitson were three  wonderful historical Christmas stories.  These three authors were able to present stories and in the end the reader is treated with a bonus... with recipes and even a craft pattern that you can make that relates to something in the that particular story.

Seems Like Love was by Judith Miller was of woman who had hope of marriage and children but this was changed...Why?

A Patchwork of Love, by Stephanie Grace Whitson was about a lady and her sick daughter were  headed to a better life but was this to go the way she thought it would go?

and last....

The Bridal Quilt, by Nancy Moser was of  "where an accident brings two old acquaintances back together with an orphan that they rescued from a near fatal accident. Will they understand their meeting was not a coincidence?" Now, what will happen with this situation?

This is where I where I say you must pick up and read "A Patchwork Christmas Collection" by these three authors and see how amazing each and everyone of these stories are so very uplifting.  Each historical story was very well written and showing romance and love even through some difficulties.

This is definitely a holiday read and I would recommend "A Patchwork Christmas Collection" to you as a excellent read.


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