Believe In Me

By: Mishael Austin Witty
Published By: Create space
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Believe In Me" by Mishael Austin Witty was a nice contemporary romantic novella in that there was plenty of 'tension, romance and characters that were likable, well developed and believable.'  The story is of a marriage that is almost over.

"It's Christmas again, and Trina's parents allow their son-in-law to come stay with them for the holidays. When Trina arrives and is told that Walt will be staying, she is livid."  So she leave her parents home and take refuge at her friends home and guess who comes there... a old boyfriend.... now this story will take off.

 I know you are wondering what will happen next ...well you will have to pick up  "Believe In Me" to read it for yourself.  You may be somewhat surprised in the ending.  If you are looking for a short good romantic may enjoy "Believe In Me"  and I would recommend this one to you. 


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