Falling for the Good Guy

By: Violet Duke
Published By: V.D.
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
Series: Nice Girl to Love #2

"Falling for the Good Guy" By Violet Duke was the second in this series: 'Nice Girl to Love' was another good contemporary romance where you will be quickly drawn into this series.  This series was of Abby and Brian's story.  This author does a good job at the scenes of working it through the funny and sexy ones.
I felt this this book was a very emotional one as Abby will be trying to 'get over Connor Sullivan.'  So, from this read it will deal with Brian's daughter Skylar, who has had a seizure which will cause some concern due to her mother's tragic death.  Two best friends now lovers and Abby has been with both brothers? Can Abby have loved both brothers?  Well, this is some read and we can only hope that in this authors' last series will clear it all up for us and at least please  no more cliff hangers!  As we wait her next and last series: 'Choosing the Right Man.'


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