A Holiday to Remember

By:  Claire Ashgrove   Laura Breck   Vonnie Davis   Christine DePetrillo
       Barbara Edwards Jannine Gallant  Alison Henderson   Jerri Hines
       Amber Leigh Williams   Brenda Whiteside
Published By:  The Roses of Prose
Age Recommended: New Adult - Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"A Christmas to Remember" by ten authors was quite a interesting holiday read that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I will say these authors really did wonderful job with this holiday read.

I really liked how they were able to keep this story together  starting from Chapter one: 'You Want Me to Pump What'...2: The Winding Road...3:What Do You Do With a Princess...4:Candy Heats Up...5: A Hard Liquor Kind of Situation...6: Oh No!...7: The Morning After...8: A Cup of Hot Chocolate and a Dose of Hot Mitch...9: The Odds Were a Million to One...10: Boxer or Briefs...11: The Temperature is Hot and Rising...12:  Trouble in Paradise...13: Rich Jerks...14: Scrambled Eggs and Sympathy...15:  Who the Heck is Marie...
16:  Past Remembered...17: Knight in Denim Overalls...18: Revelations...19: The Moment of Truth...20:  It's Cold Outside...21:  No Strings Attached...22: A Lonely Future...23: Goodbye to What Might Have Been...24: Men...Who Needs Them...25: One Call Changes Everything...26: Memory of an Angel...27: Prepare to Grovel...28: Forgiveness...29: It's Always Been You...30: Georgia On My Mind......going till The End of a wonderful well written story.  Only leaving me to say   Wow!

We see from this short story Candy Wright now has it all ...a great job, The Wright Way, a advertising agency she owned, a great place to live in Manhattan, but was she truly happy. With plan to visit a college roommate during this Christmas Holiday...who knew Candy would end up in one of the worst Georgia storms and would meet up with a man who had been her ....well this is the part where I will stop and say you must get this read "A Christmas to Remember" to see what all Candy will go through to finally get the happiness she had wanted from childhood.  I found the characters in this short read very well developed,  colorful and so likable  only to make this read very charming to read. I know it is somewhat different in that you have so many authors writing it, how they all came together to share their thoughts and how it flows so smoothly from one chapter to the next  and in the end will giving  you a well written script that I thought was a amazing read.  All I am left to say is that you must pick this one up and see for yourself how good a read the story really is.  This only leaves me to say that 'Yes' I would recommend this read. 


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