How To Survive Your Sisters

By:  Ellie Campbell
Published By:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Book Blog For: NOR

"How To Survive Your Sisters" by Ellie Campbell was of four sisters and one was getting marriage and  wanting the 'perfect wedding' in this chick-lit read.
I will say that the characters seemed to be in a world of their own being well portrayed and so colorful with each sister having their own story. This author did a good job at blending the various stories together with its suspense and even the realism of what all was going on in this story. Indeed these sisters did interact just like sisters. We find the MacLeod's sister...the  oldest sister Avril was a 'Hollywood a Agent,' Milly was married and a  mother of three, Natalie was the 'Bride to be' and last there was the baby sister Hazel.  Some of the sisters were likable more than others.  I will let you decide which ones you will like.  Now, that they would be coming together due to the wedding...having to be closer than they had been in years. Will there be family squabbles and hidden secrets that could probably 'break the bonds of this sisterhood' even further  than it already is for these sisters? This author did a wonderful job at keeping the story around the sisters and the wedding.    To get the answers to this and more you will have to pick up this wonderful story with many twist and turns  that this author has given to the reader to see how this will come out.  "How To Survive Your Sisters" is written in third person making it easy to follow and will  keep you so engrossed and turning the pages until the end.  I also liked how this novel seemed very real throughout the read that could be real.   Oh, I almost forgot be ready for some humor that will have you laughing out loud.  If you are in for a good read about  a family who loves each other however, do will have many 'trials and tribulations'... you have come to the right read for "How To Survive Your Sisters" would be recommended to you.


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