The Diary By: Adriana Kraft

Title:  The Diary
Author:  Adriana Kraft
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5

"The Diary" by Adriana Kraft

Book Description....

"Lust, revenge, dark sexual escapades and the mysterious disappearance of her younger half sister, Luci, will take art curator Kate Noble on a whirlwind transcontinental journey. The diary Luci's left behind paints vivid images of shameless erotic exploits with a rake named only as G.C. Can Kate learn enough under the delightful hands of her bisexual best friend, Gina, to ensnare the sensual and elusive Professor Grayson Cosgrove into a marriage proposal of her making? Can she find Luci before it's too late? If only she could read between the lines. The Diary--never have the secrets of another been so electrifying!"

What I liked about this read...

I found "The Diary" a very exotic romantic novel and I thought the authors did a wonderful job at presenting it to the readers. This story was about a diary with some dark secrets in it that seemed to be left behind for a certain sister to take a look at. As I was reading I did think after reading this diary it really sets off a series of things happening in the life's of the characters. Now, what all was in 'The Diary' that got Kate's attention and what all will she do with this information after she speaks with her friend Gina? I liked Kate's thought pattern of trying to save her sister (Luci)who seemed to be missing at the time and just who was this G.C. person that was talked about so thoroughly in 'The Diary?' From the read did Kate's sister Luci really need saving or were there other works that were involved in this twisted plan of hers? All of the main characters...Kate, Luci, Gina and Professor Grayson Cosgrove were all very intriguing in that they helped bring out to this read a certain charm, realness, being well defined, well developed and even a very believable interesting story. Let's not leave out the steamy hot sex scenes from the two some to sometime three at times. By the end of this novel will all end up happy with their partners? I will say Kate's sister Luci wasn't my favorite but I did feel she meant well for her sister in the end. This is where I will say to get the whole story about that diary you must pick up this well written novel to see how these authors will bring it out to the readers. This will be a fascinating read when it's all said and done and yes I would recommend. 


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