Tyree's Love Triangle By: Charmaine Galloway

Title:  Tyree's Love Triangle
Author:  Charmaine Galloway
Publisher: C.G.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Tyree's Love Triangle" by Charmaine Galloway

Book Description....

"Things aren't always what they seem and that's certainly true for Tyree Bell, a handsome and successful businessman with a wife and child who adores him. On the outside it appears he has it all together. On the inside he's holding onto something so immoral, if ever it's revealed his perfect family could be forever destroyed, but only after he lost his life. How long can Tyree keep his skeletons in the closet? Will he let go of his sin and let God take care of him? Or will he carry his secrets to the grave and go insane in the process."

What I received from this read...

"Tyree's Love Triangle" was a interesting read and once you start reading you will hard to put down until the end.  Be ready for many different emotions during the read of being angry, humorous times and even tearing up some.  I liked how this author was able to give the reader a believable read and letting us know you may never know what all  has gone on  earlier in a person's life that can make their life a living hell.  Wow, what a life  Tyree had to go through.  This author really gives the reader a well written script to truly understanding this character.  I must say I wondered a minute about Tyree's character of being hurt, confused, having an addiction, lovers and so lost but now having read this novel I was able to understand what all had gone on in his life.  This was very well presented by this author.  Hoping not to have given too much away I will just say to truly understand it all  you must pick up Tyree's Love Triangle" to see for yourself  how well this story line is brought out to the reader.  Would I recommend?  YES!   


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