The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane By: Sheila Roberts

Title:  The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane
Author:  Sheila Roberts
Publisher:  Harlequin MIRA
Series:  Life In Icicle Falls # 5
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4.5

"The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane" by Sheila Roberts

Book Description....

"When it comes to men, sisters don't share!

After a fake food poisoning incident in L.A., Bailey Sterling's dreams of becoming a caterer to the stars collapse faster than a soufflé. Now Bailey's face is in all the gossip rags and her business is in ruins. But the Sterling women close ranks and bring her back to Icicle Falls, where she'll stay with her sister Cecily.

All goes well between the sisters until Bailey comes up with a new business idea—a tea shop on a charming street called Lavender Lane. She's going into partnership with Todd Black, who—it turns out—is the man Cecily's started dating. It looks to Cecily as if there's more than tea brewing in that cute little shop. And she's not pleased.

Wait! Isn't Cecily seeing Luke Goodman? He's a widower with an adorable little girl, and yes, Cecily does care about him. But Todd's the one who sends her zing-o-meter off the charts. So now what? Should you have to choose between your sister and the man you love (or think you love)?"

What I liked about this novel....

I liked this story of sisters.. Samantha, Cecily and Bailey which was of how important this family was as they were  able to come together in the end in the very close community of Icicle Falls.  This author really gives the reader something to think about...not only with the importance of a family but also shows the  part of hopes and dreams  that will come into the mixture to create a successful trade  putting  everything front and center of this storyline.  This will definitely be a story that when you think you have it all figured out this author manages to throw you a twist that will have you shaking your head and saying I didn't see that coming!  Icicle Falls is a small time where it seemed like 'everyone is in everyone else's  business' in this fifth installment of this authors contemporary  romance series.  Be ready for lots of drama... and issues with self esteem especially from one of the sisters, relationships and small town life.   Now,  Bailey returns home to wallow in self pity...then will there be a game of cat and mouse by ..., a love triangle and the partnership?  What is all that all  about with Bailey and Cecily?  I found all of the characters for the most part well developed, colorful, humorous at times, with friendships, realistic and it was so very  believable.  Will these sisters be able to make up and not a anyone come between them?  I will  stop here and say to find out about what all is going on in this storyline you must pick up this read to see for yourself how well written this author presents this detailed description of 'Icicle Falls' story  to the reader.  I found the story will be very intriguing as well as entertaining  that will keep your attention all the way to the happy ending.   Be ready for 'love, laughter, friendship, family living a good life' as this read of 'Icicle Falls' as you are presented another good series.  

What else I especially liked about the novel....

At the end of the novel you will be given some useful recipes that sounded good to me.....Lavender Cake & Frosting and the  Lavender Honey definitely giving this novel  a nice addition to this read. 


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