Tricks With Motive: Rock City III By: K'Aliyah Knight

Title:  Rock City III:  Tricks With Motive
Author:  K'Aliyah Knight
Series: Rock City Hood Love Series #3
Publisher: Alana's Book Line
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5

"Tricks With Motive" by K'Aliyah Knight...

Book Description....

"Enter ROCK CITY again. Now the sex will tempt you to stay awhile but beware of TRICKS with MOTIVE.
A lot of us are the grimy set-you-up type that thrive off your pain. The pain? Rockwell use to be THAT chick. Popping tags. Princess of The H. Now her heart barely beats. She only has one reason to survive... While Blu ain't even got none. Barely alive, with a finger on the trigger and the Glock pointed to her own head. The gain? Leelee is on a mission. She's motivated to put down any nigga that stands in her way. This next trick has no breaks! Trinidad is so far gone over love that she will burn a bitch. Lighter fluid. Match. Adios! Maybe the biggest trick of them all? The dude you love to hate, Isaac is more grimy than-ever. Somebody gon end up dead!
Stuck in the middle is Rico. He only cares about two things his familia and the hustle. Then enters his childhood love, Rockwell. His first thought? Put two slugs in her skull and keep it pushing. Ain't that much easier than confessing his own sins? The pain versus the gain. The lies. The deceit. Love versus any muthafucka tryna hate. Too many of these tricks are running around scheming and plotting. Who will survive?"

What I liked about this novel....

Wow, this was some interesting urban read.  This author was able to give us a read which it seems like everyone had something to do with 'Tricks with Motive,' so  I am sure you will find this title was just what this novel was about.  I found this characters storyline were all off the chart...well developed, well portrayed, real with a lot of action and very believable.  As we go from LeeLee, Blu, Rockwell, Rico, Issac, Trinidad, Day Day, Rita to  Lashawn  to name a few, this author  gives us one good urban fiction story.  I loved how this author displays at the beginning of each chapter the particular character of just who is being focus on in that section. 

This novel is truly one with so many twist and turns and all of it seems to be on a journey where there is no coming back.  This author gives the reader a very captivating page turner read where you will not want to put it down until the end with all of its drama. 

I will say I was on the edge of my seat especially at the end  of this novel because we will be given an ending that was not expected. So, this will be the time that I will say you must pick up "Tricks With Motive" to see for yourself how well this author will bring it all out to the reader.  With that being said, we all will be left  waiting for Part 4 and  I am sure it will be another explosive as well as  interesting read by this author.  Now, to truly understand this whole storyline of  'Rock City,' I would recommend you start with book 1, 2 and then this one being 3.  Would I recommend?  Yes, especially if you are into urban will be at the right place. 


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