A Christmas Gift By: Kathi Macias

Title:  A Christmas Gift
Author:   Kathi Macias
Publisher:  New Hope Publishers
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5

"A Christmas Gift"  by Kathi Macias

Book Description:
"Chiapas, Mexico, had proven to be the distraction and escape Julie needed. As a teacher, she had longed to travel and instruct abroad. Now, she was teaching and falling in love with her students. But what she didn't expect happened in the short days leading up to Christmas. She didn’t know that her freedom would depend on Ramon, the local pastor. She didn’t anticipate the emotions this man of God would stir deep in her spirit. This Christmas Eve service would be unlike any other she had ever experienced. Would this simple man and his faith be enough to cause her to stay when she had every reason to leave?"

What I liked from this novel...

This was indeed a heartwarming Christian story that will capture your attention and keep you reading not wanting to put it down till the very end.  Now, don't get me wrong this author brings out the dark side too in the novel...an example would be like telling the scary things that can and do go on in Mexico. I am sure you are now wondering what I am referring to and all I will say is you will have to read "A Christmas Gift" to see for yourself.  I will say at this point this is not a read for the faint hearted or for children.  However,  this author really does a good job giving the reader some very interesting characters who were all for the most part well developed, captivating and believable.  You will find from the read that the heroine Julie who was deeply depressed after the death of her husband  and decides to do a long buried dream of hers and that was  to take a job teaching abroad...in Chiapas,  Mexico (the rain forest of southern Mexico) for a year.  It was there she meets a local pastor and this story will take off from there where you will see it was there in Mexico that Julie had her life changing experience that turns off to be quite a spiritual as well as a physical journey  for her too.   I was caught with that surprised ending!

"A Christmas Gift" was a good Christian read that I would gladly recommend to you rather if it's Christmas or not. 


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